A320 ILS autopilot auto land pitch issue

Whenever I fly the A320 or 319/321, I always have an issue when I press APP and have finished configuring for landing. The aircraft seems to pitch up then and down (not rapidly but gradually like a see saw) regardless of speed. I do not have this with any other aircraft and is very annoying. Is this an A320 flight model issue?? I barely fully auto land I disengage autopilot at 1000 feet, but when in approach mode prior to this it is frustrating with this issue.

I ensured there was enough speed and have messed about with trim and that does not do anything.

Any help would be fab


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Try going to your pitch in the settings and hit “Restore Default”.

Hmm that’s sensitivity though??? Not sure if would do anything but will try it out. I’ve had the issue regardless of sensitivity for pitch

I’ve had the issue too. But for me it went away when I restored defaults and reinstalled the game.

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Also, is it a specific airport and aircraft or is it everywhere?

Could you post a video regarding the issue? It’d be easier to give you a solution if we could see what happens.

For me this happens to all aircraft, but I found a solution, is comes down to stabilization, pitch controls speed and throttle controls altitude. Manually use throttle and flaps to decrease speed slowly, a power assisted decent is the way forwards


Others have had this issue as well. If you had no flaps, here’s something to take a look at.

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I also came across this a couple of times

When I am descending on APP mode and bringing flaps out to 1-3 its fine but when its flaps full and final approach config that’s when it starts. When it intercepts LOC and GS then starts descent etc it is fine.

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160 in a A320 is quite fast for full flaps. Try a little lower (around 140 knots).


Something generic:

  • ~24 Nm set 210 KTS
  • ~12 Nm (+4000 ft) Flaps 1 set 180 KTS and flaps 2 approaching -S Speed
  • ~9 Nm set 160 kts
  • ~6 Nm (+2000 ft) gear down, flaps 3 / full, set managed speed

Manage yourself to catch G/S at +4000 ft where you start with flaps 1 etc at G/S*, or to catch G/S at +2000 ft where you continue with gear down etc at G/S*.
In respect of ATC consigns.

NB: 180 KTS / FLAPS 2 / GEAR DOWN / SPOILERS OUT will allow to “vertically” dive

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Wow, thank you

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