A320 HUD screen offset

So this is an issue specifically with the A320 that came with the new interactive cockpit update. It is not a calibration issue as I have tried to fix it with that previously and every other aircraft is perfectly fine in this aspect, the HUD side bars for speed and altitude and your pitch line and center ○ are all facing more downward then they should be. I would like not to have to drag my finger up to move the view to the correct spot every time I enter interior And to top it off the first officer view for all the airbus aircraft are also like this… I am not accurate at my placement for this since I rely on it so heavily for landing, I would like it to just be in the correct spot, are there any fixes? Thanks in advance

I think the view is now lower so you can see the live cockpits better.

This is a known issue and will be addressed.


If this bothers you there is an easy solution, instead of using the cockpit camera use the HUD camera (the first camera option), sadly this will remove a bit from the realism because you won’t be able to see from the pilot’s perspective but it does make landing easier, I’ve used this view since the A320 camera angle got changed so.

You can use the HUD and a full panel cockpit camera, that’s my preferred setup which will help in this scenario.

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