A320 Hawaii Event (Jetstar) @ PHNL - 232000ZAPR16

Server: Advanced Server

Region: Hawaii Region

Airport: PHNL - PHTO

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: *Come Surf the Waves! *

JetStar, Qantas Virtual IF’s Lowcost Carrier, are planning a Hawaiian Flying program. Take off from PHNL, choose a gate at Terminal 1, and fly down for the challenging approach and landing, if the Wind is from the East, at PHTO.

JetStar and Tiger A320’s welcome but also looking forward to seeing a selection of other liveries including Hawaiian Airways with their B717 and B767’s!

All Qantas Virtual IF pilots can log their time flown using PIREP QFA 9001, but all are welcome!



Wooooow you make this event the day I leave -_-

Jk have fun

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lol, you can still fly with a LoA! ;-)

Look out we are increasing the number of events that we hold, also if yyou have any ideas for a future event let either myself, @Skylines or @QantasVirtualAirways know!


Yeah but I can only fly solo when I’m 35,000 feet in the air and I don’t feel like paying $100 for wifi


That’s right, Qantas Virtual is buckling up and taking to the sky. We hope to increase our numbers and create more activity between our Pilots.


Hope to make it David.

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Be good to see you there JP!!

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Hopefully we have a nice event tomorrow.

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Winds at PHTO 12kts from 140 and 13kts from 080 right now.

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Easy answer…get live plus ! Just updated mine, works out at £4.11 a month!!

Please spell Jetstar right :-) (It is actually spelt wrong in the callsign list which annoys me slightly)
Anyway, back on topic.

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Had a good flight down during this event with a T& G at a gusty PHOG! Didn’t see many about on the advanced server though, when I was there 😢

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I sent an email 8 days ago and i still havent gotten a reply

I feel your plane:((!!! Get it;)?

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Really let me contact our CEO and make sure everything is okay.

Update: I have contacted our human resources and we are sorting you right now!

Kai (@Embraer190),

We didn’t get your email, but we have an account registered to our website with your name. Please continue this in a private message.

Kind Regards,

Mackenzie Rodgers

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Thanks to all who attended the Jetstar A320 event. Sorry I couldn’t make it myself has had a change of plans last minute!

See you all in the skies!


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