A320 Graphics problem

So i have just finished flying from reykjavik to london and during descent this happened,before my flight i have restart and clear scenery catche…

What device do you use?
And software?

OnePlus 6
Android 8.1 Oreo
Graphics at high
Anti aliasing on

That’s what happenes when you are far away from the ATC Tower. It’s not a glitch. (I don’t think). Its been around post-global. Go back and look at some post-global planespotting videos at San Diego or Los Angeles.

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Have you reinstall app?

It sometimes happens to me also. What I do: restart/reinstall app and restart device. As far as I am concerned that happens when you are far away from aircraft.

Does it also happen when you are close to the aircraft (normal view) or only when far away?

I did before the update,only far away from the plane…

I think there is nothing else you can do, exept from the things already mentioned. Something else you can do,is that when it toccurs again, switch to normal view and then again Tower/ATC

I have been experiencing this issue long before the last update

It happens when you are using ATC view and flying near to the airport (as you can view other planes by clicking twice on the screen). If it happens, it means you can view other aircrafts aswell

Only happening when you are flying pretty near to the airport and still airborne

Hi David,

Thanks for your report. This is a known issue, as mentioned above by fellow members. Ill speak to our FDS team to further investigate and possibly rectify in the future. For the meantime, this is only very minor and as mentioned by @George it only happens on certain occasions. I recommend avoiding this view during periods close to other aircraft and when in close proximity of the airport. Apologies for the inconvenience!




Cheers, thanks! I guess you can closed this now…

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