A320 Front Gear

It looks strange…

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I think I’m blind I can’t see what’s wrong. Can someone help spot it.


It’s a little bit tilted.

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Could you tell us what’s strange?

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As @dasabel100 says

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😱 Landing gear tilt confirmed

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Guess I’m not as blind as I thought :)

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Yea it looks a bit tilted front. Is the plane parallel to the ground?

Almost, but it doesn’t matter, I think :)

It’s supposed to be like that :)


So in IF it’s tilted like IRL or it’s not tilted in IF like IRL.

Is it ? Well…

What is IRL :(

IRL=In real life.

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Ohhhhhhh, it is like this in real life…
I just checked the photo that I spotted of an A320

on the front gear? ^^ xD

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Maybe… Takeoff?

Takeoff with autoland enabled. Great thinking Daniel.

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I try a lot of stuff that you don’t know ;)