A320 From New Zealand to Melbourne

Training Server
Flight time: Estimated 3 Hrs

At the terminal at NZAA

Waiting for clearance to takeoff as an Emirates A380 in my front got problems with his nose gear

Finally lifting off

Setting parking brakes on at parking

Relaxing while my flight continues

Approaching Melbourne with mountain in background


That mountain looks rather close on your approach to Melbourne. It’s a nice flight, that route.

Yeah, its also WINDY there thst it literally shakes the plane

That last photo, what runway did you land at?

27 I remember

wow very good, even that moon shot
and also on the 2nd picture
When what a380 nose gear in the ground

You have some great pictures there! If you’d like to make things even better, try putting the pictures in chronological order of the flight. That is, in order of time.

Again, amazing pictures!

Yeah I’m not sure if you were supposed to go over the mountains 😬

Yeah, i decided not to make them in order but edited the captions because putting them in order takes my time plus my mobile data gone nuts.

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Hey, nice photos. Be careful with the terrain outside of Melbourne. Next time you’re flying from New Zealand I recommend flying the WAREN STAR into Melbourne, it flys you over the south-eastern suburbs, well away from the Australian Alps.

You spelt Melbourne wrong, btw (:

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I had my flight plan over there

Did your FPL follow this chart?

Nope i didnt pass there

Ok, well next time you are arriving at Melbourne and that is the runway you’re going to land at, make sure to follow that chart. Nevertheless great photos ;)

Wait, how is there a Air Canada CRJ in New Zealand? Ummm, great pics though!


Somehow they made it there

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