A320_Flyerboy19's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

I thought it was 3000?

It’s different at each airport

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Did u receive my feedback?

I know it’s different at different airports but you said 3000 at the start then 3500 at the end is that a mistake or am I wrong?

I have been reading MJP_27 for the past while, but yes I did read yours, ya I forgot about the 737 speed, I have to pay attention to that!

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Indeed. … (did the dots to make it 10 characters)

Bruh it’s a 737 no tight turns plus using appr

I’ll PM you

Ok but doing 130GS on downwind is a bit crazy

Despite that you did enter and back track RWY without permission and also enter runway when asked to hold short

@Jack_BC and @Alina_Bridges please take it to a PM

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Yes will do 👍👍👍

I am also currently preparing for the written test. I support you to become an IFATC!

@MJP_27 @PilotA320 @LHardy64 @Jack_BC @Fung_Sum-sum

I am open at KAPA

Sorry. Can’t come right now

How long will you be open for? @A320_Flyerboy19

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1 hour starting 15 min ago

Alright, I’ll stop in!

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Shall I write my Spanish Essay or come? lol