A320_Flyerboy19's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Welcome IFC people to my new ATC tracking thread. This time I only really need is basic info. If you look down below, you will see basic info for the airport. Departing Runways, Landing Runways.

Airport: N/A

RWYS in Use: 35R, 35L, 31

Server: Training

Operation Time: 1615Z - 1715Z

Please stop by, I’m practicing for my written exam for IFATC. Any feedback will be highly appreciated! Please give feedback to me in a nice tone, I do not take harsh feedback well.


Ok I will come later :)

I’ll stop by

Thanks @MJP_27

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@PilotA320 @LHardy64

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i would stop by but currently descending into gvac. Hope it goes well!

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I’m en route. Callsign: Nitro 4MT

ok (10 characters)

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Are circuits ok?

do you mean pattern work or am I missing something?

yes circuits/pattern work same thing

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Yes that is allowed I have @MJP_27 doing some right now

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Roger i will book out then
Nitro 4MT

@Alina_Bridges bruh why you on such a long final lol. I’m having to do160 kts and I could easily squeeze in front of you

154 gs on the world longest final! lmao

@MJP_27 you are starting to scare me of how much you are typing!

you were making me mad

The reason for my multiple go arounds was due to such insufficient clearance i received. I notified the controller that i was downwind, and at points final 35L to land. I should have received a clearance saying 35L i was cleared to land, not cleared for option, make XXXX traffic. I executed go around to try and signal that i did not have a clearance to touch wheels on that runway

As for the Delta heavy doing a long final, the reason i was being held up is because you told the Delta to maintain slowest practical speed. Therefore we ended up having a wide body 737 jet doing 130GS while it could be easily doing 150-160 and have cut its final shorter. I was held up here and so opted for 35L RWY change. As the TBM had already departed the runway, you could’ve cleared the DELTA to speed at their discretion, or maintain best forward speed. At best, you could’ve squeezed me in number 2, if Delta was doing a long downwind.

Apart from that, really good, fast comms. Obviously some things to work on, but that will make you a better controller.

Blue skies,
Jack (Nitro 3MT)

Hey there! You did good. Just a few mistakes to work on.

  • The transition altitude should’ve been 3,000 feet not 2,500 feet. The formula to solve transition altitude is this Airport’s Altitude + 1,500 feet + 1,000 feet = Your altitude for the transition . So in that case, KAUS’s airport altitude is about 542 ft so I’d add that and add 1,500 feet + 1,000 feet, I’d get 2,500 feet. But then, I’m not done. I have to round UP to the nearest 500. Then you get 3,500 feet. Which is your transition altitude.

  • There’s no need to give a pattern entry for when someone is doing patterns. You only use the pattern entry when someone calls inbound for touch & go or for landing. You can also use them for when someone requests a runway change.

See here for more details.

  • Only use after the option, make left/right traffic when someone is starting to fly some patterns. Or if someone request a runway change. So an example is let’s say I’m flying patterns at an airport on runway 22. And I want to switch to runway 15. So, you would first give me a pattern entry for runway 15. Next, you would give me what aircraft I’m following (If there’s traffic going to land on that runway.) If I’m the only one for that runway. You can just give me number 1. Next you would select cleared for the option. And then you’ll see after the option make left or right traffic. So then it’s your choice to either give me left or right traffic.

  • You forgot to give me a pattern entry for when I requested change to runway 35R. You can’t forget to do this.

  • You should’ve gave Nitro 1 enter left downwind runway 35R instead of enter left base runway 35R.

See this photo below


  • Delta 152 entered the runway without permission. And you should’ve issued me a go around command. Always keep an eye out if someone is passed the hold short line.

  • There was no need to give after the option make right traffic since Nitro 1 was on full stop.

  • You forgot to sequence me when I was doing patterns on 35R and Nitro 1 was on left base. So I should’ve been given number 2, traffic to follow is on left base. And then Delta 132 should’ve been given number 3, traffic to follow is on right downwind.

See this photo below and 3.3.1 in the article below

  • Not sure why you gave Delta 132 maintain slowest practical speed. You should’ve gave the, extend downwind, I’ll call your base.

  • You gave me an exit runway command when I didn’t land completely Exit runway commands for commercial aircraft (example A320’s B737’s) should be given in between 70 knots and 40 knots. If it’s a general aviation aircraft (example TBM 930, C172’s) give them the exit runway command below 40 knots. If your late with the exit runway command below that speed. Don’t worry. Your ok, still give them the command. But if there on the taxiway, plus crossed the hold short line. Just give them to contact ground or Unicom.

See here for more details.

I’m not trying to scare you. I’m just trying to help you out


That just took me a good 15 min to read @MJP_27