A320_Flyerboy19's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KDEN

Welcome IFC people to my new ATC tracking thread. This time I only really need is basic info. If you look down below, you will see basic info for the airport: departing Runways, Landing Runways.

Airport: KDEN

RWYS in Use: 8 & 7

Server: Training

Operation Time: 2322-0022Z

Goals: Clearance, Sequencing, All ground operations

NOTAMS: Throw some difficult challenges

Please stop by; I’m practicing for my written exam for IFATC. Any feedback will be highly appreciated! Please give feedback to me in a nice tone. I do not take harsh feedback well.


I am free right now!

Which airline do you want me to be?

For traffic patterns, I prefer small GA aircraft or the A320 & B737 Family.

I am also officially open!!

I would really appreciate some traffic!


I’m going to already apologize for the late push back command!

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Everything good, forgot to give exit runway command that’s it

NPD69 (737-700BBJ)

When did that happen?

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25L after I landed no exit runway command was given to me

Everything also looked good from my end, N2DE

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Sorry about that.

Are you sure, it got a little chaotic from my end!

All of the command you gave me were correct and you didn’t miss any

Thank you!

Airport: KPAE

RWYS in Use: 34L & 34R

Operation Time: 1955Z-2055Z

Goals: Pattern Entry/Exit, Clearance, and Sequencing, all ground operations

People: @Populeux_Music @darkeyes

Coming now!

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Thank you, kind sir!!

Thank you for the service. I was CC-NPR and I have some feedback and advice for you.


(See below for advice regarding each situation)

  • [20:20:34z] - Transition was a bit low.
  • [20:31:07z] - Unnecessary clearance to land after full stop report.


  • Transition altitude is calculated by adding 2,500ft to the airport elevation, and rounding up to the nearest 500ft. This number is made up due to 1,000ft being the minimum IFR vertical separation, plus 1,500ft (which is the maximum pattern altitude). In this case, KPAE elevation is 608ft, so 2,500 + 608 = 3,108ft. So the proper transition altitude would be 3,500ft, not 3,000ft.

  • If a pilot has been already cleared for the option, they are already cleared to land (for full stop) if they would like to. The pilot is just telling you that they are full stoping on this pattern, so no new clearance is needed for their full stop report; just “Roger”.

Solid Points:
Pattern Entries
Runway Changes

Nice job today! Unfortunately we didn’t managed to get more pilots to test other aspects, but you have a solid base on your controlling. Looking forward to test your sequencing skills on future sessions.

Feel free to review this beginner guide as a complement to the information on the ATC Manual:

Let me know if you have any doubts here or by sending me a PM, I’ll be happy to help.

Thank you, I will look into the IFATC PDF

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