A320_Flyerboy19's 3D Airport Voting Thread

Welcome to my newest thread of mine! This thread is where you can vote for my next 3D airport. Polls will be created for what airport I would like to make. This thread is mainly for smaller airports and GA airports around the world.

Here’s how it is going to work! I’m going to post a poll. You’ll vote, and then I’ll add it to my editing cue. A poll will be posted every time an Airport has been submitted for the OR process. Below, you’ll find my current in-progress airport and the airport cue.

Projects Not Listed In Specific Order

Current In Progress Airports
Airport Cue
  1. KBJC (Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport)

See My Airport Tracking thread with all my airports and WIP pictures.

  • No WIP Pictures will be posted on this thread. Please see my personal 3D Airport Tracking Thread or individual Airport Tracking Threads for WIP Pictures. This thread is strictly for voting for my following airports.

  • Please do not request airports in this thread. If you want to edit airports, please apply in the thread below.

Infinite Flight Airport Editing Application


1st 3D Airport Voting Poll

  • KBJC (Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport)
  • KMQI (Dare County Regional Airport)
  • KTRK (Truckee Tahoe Airport)
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Winner of 1st Voting Thread

KBJC (Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport) will be added to the cue for 3D airports! I appreciate everyone who voted!

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