A320_Flyerboy19's 3D Airport Tracking Thread

Official 3D Airport Tracking Thread For A320_Flyerboy19

I’ve decided to put everything I’ve made in IFAET into one topic instead of starting multiple for each airport! Within the topic, you will find a table with each airport, the city name, the ICAO, and the Progress!

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My Airports

Note: I will try to update this regularly!

City State Country ICAO Status Currently Working On
Telluride Colorado United States KTEX RELEASED Released in 22.6
Lake Texoma Arport Oklahoma United States F31 RELEASED Finished Pavement details and taxi way lines
Ponta Delgada Azores Portugal LPPD RELEASED 2D work is about 70-75% Complete! Work in Progress shot coming soon!
Grand Rapids Michigan United States KGRR RELEASED Started to add taxi way lines by RWY 17/35
São Jorge Azores Portugal LPSJ RELEASED Airport is complete and is in OR
Norfolk Virginia United States KORF Ready For Release In Official review Stage
Kill Devil Hills North Carolina United States KFFA Ready For Release 2D 95% Completed
Charelston West Virgina United States KCRW Ready For Release Airport has been added to list of airports to be released.
Anchorage Alaska United States PANC In progress 2D work south of 25L has commenced. Only lines have been started
Kansas City Kansas United States KMCI Sent to OR 2D version of the airport is waiting to be reviewed.


I Will Not be Taking Airport Requests! There is no guarantee that an airport marked Ready For Release will come in the next update!

If there are any questions regarding an Airport, Please PM me! If you have images of any of the airports I am working on or know where to find pictures, please let me know!


KTEX Completed Images

F31 In Progress Images


Daily Airport Update

F31: Completed and Ready for the official review! @Delta Local Airport!

LPPD: 2D work is almost complete. All taxiways have been named and oriented to match imagery, pavement is all done to match imagery, runway lights added, taxi way lights added, spawns oriented correctly, and airport roads added.

KGRR: Nothing has been started yet! Just looking on Google Earth at the current taxi ways and how everything should be! The airport has not been updated since it was first added to the game! This will be a mega project, and I’m looking forward to it! @Deltadev13 home airport!

That is the Daily Airport Updates! Check back again tomorrow around this time for an update! If anyone has any images of the terminal at KGRR, I would love to see them! Please PM here on the IFC or Discord!


KGRR Update

I have deleted everything at KGRR except for spawns! Over the next month or so, I will carefully plan and edit everything to where KGRR is today!



Oklahoma let’s go!!!


Yep, good old Lake Texoma State Airport


Thank you That is a home airport if mine it is very special to me. But can you make sure that for concourse b you fix the gates. Right now it is missing 2 gates on concourse b and the number in that concourse are wrong. I’m sure you know this but that it something that has bugged me over the years. I’m excited to see a WIP of it when the time comes

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I’ve already discussed that with @Deltadev13!

Everything that is at the airport irl will be added to the game! Everything will be updated to the 2022-2023 version!

No details will be skipped, I promise!


Thank you !


F31 has been approved by an airport reviewer and is ready for release!



KTEX My first airport was released in 22.6!

Enjoy everyone! If you find any issues with the airport, please let me know here or in a PM!


Major Updates

LPPD: Starting work on the terminal; any images will be helpful!

KGRR: 2D work is mostly complete around the terminal area!

LPSJ: All 2D work is complete! Starting work on terminal, fire station, and control tower!


Is KGRR grand rapids?


Yes it is!

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Did you take that picture?

If so, do you have more??

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That is from Wikipedia. I can share the link

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Sure! I’ll take anything I can get at this rate!

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Airport Update

New Airport Started: Norfolk International Airport has been started.

LPSJ: All work has been complete, and the airport has entered official review.


Airport Updates

KGRR: Grand Rapids is starting to near 2D completion. Pavement has been added around the airport, and holes are being cut out for the grass to show. Taxi line work has been started in the GA area north of the airport. Taxi line names will be created soon @Deltadev13 @Airplaneking08

Estimated Completion date: March 2023

KORF: Pavement work has been started today. It should be done by this evening. OSM building added and removed buildings outside of the airport boundary. Pictures will be coming tonight of work at the airport! @KTJ_Mitchell

Estimated Completion date: December 2022

LPPD: Buildings are slowly being added with a focus on the main terminal area.
Estimated Completion date: November 2022