A320 Flight from Vancouver

Hello IFC! My another screenshot topic for the last 2 weeks :)

Shoutout for @Americanboi who leaved me alone in the middle of the flight @jasper.hero who is randomly parking in the FedEx 777 in the first pic and to @naro who expertly guided me to the runway!

Expert Server
Flight time: 2hr 05mins
Aircraft: Airbus A320, United Livery

@Americanboi, @jasper.hero in the background while i am pushing back

@Americanboi waiting for me to takeoff

Taken somewhere…

Near San Francisco!

Sunshot before descending

Moonshot on final at KSFO

On gate at KSFO


Hey, thanks for stopping by CYVR this evening.

Coincidently, KSFO is my home airport! These are some cool shots that you’ve captured. Keep up the good work.


Thanks! That was my first time in ES with IFATC and i dont know the direction to Runway 12. thanks again for guiding me!

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These are some great photos, keep it up! ;)

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I love the effect you did on this !
Which app /filter do you use ? :o


its PicsArt. :)

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lmao, my ipad died sry

Really thought you leaved me alone

Great Photos

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lol i accidentally plugged in my ipad with my phone charger and i wasn’t charging…

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lolololol very true… my… we are getting off topic here

Nice pics! Maybe someday, you could fly to KSJC as well! :D
It’s just a little bit to the south of the area!

Air France A320 at CYVR? 🤔

Realism.exe has stopped working...

Me too! I was really excited to see that someone was flying to the Bay Area.

Well… I like the Air France livery

@Robertine Does this look familiar? 😏

Great pics!! 👍


Anyone up for a flight? If so just pm me! Thx sry for going off topic!.