A320 flight from Innsbruck to Gibraltar

So today I flew from Innsbruck to Gibraltar. Both are pretty dangerous. Due the location in Gibraltar you have to make a 180° turn just before landing. Because if you land from the other side you usually have 20 knots of tailwind.

Flight Infos:

Server: Training Server
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Livery: Easyjet 2015
Route: LOWI - LXGB
Cruising Altitude: FL350
Cruising Speed: Mach 0.86
Flight Time: 2 hours 9 minutes


Cold & Dark


Leaving Innsbruck behind me after a 180° turn.

Entering the Swiss airspace.

Starting to descend

Gibraltar in sight.

Some cars waiting till they can cross the runway.

Parked at the gate.

I also made a Youtube video about it. I would appreciate a view :) Innsbruck - Gibraltar | Infinite Flight Film - YouTube


Beautiful shots and nice video ! ;) Keep on like that !

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