A320 Flaps Settings 1+F

So I have been talking with a freind of mine who flies the A320 for United, and she has said that all A320’s have the 1+F setting, yet IF does not have the 1+F setting. Can this be addressed in a patch update?

I mean if this is meant to be realistic, the 1+F option should be available.

What does 1+F even do? I’m not actually clear on this 🙂

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Apparently, 1+F is used for takeoff configurations, and flaps 1 is used for landing config.

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Flaps 1 doesn’t actually put the flaps down, only slats. Flaps 1+F drops down both flaps and slats one step.


The 321, 330, 350 and 380 all have the 1+F options.

Does anyone know which is used for takeoff? 1 or 1+F?


The 330 uses this config all the time as does the 359. I do tend to use this config in the 321. But RL pilots use this config in the 320’s.

Ahh ok makes sense. Thank you

You can also use Flap Config 2, depends on factors such as weight of your flight. That’s flap setting I use the mos, since i more than often, if not always fly very heavy flights, and require a high flaps setting for takeoff.

Its similar to how and Boeing 777-200ER may takeoff with only 5 degree flaps if the plane is extremely light, but most of the time flaps 15, although sometime even 20 if that are very heavy.

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Ahh you see I didn’t know that. I assumed rather they’d just try to take more space on the runway

320’s will use Flaps 3 when heavy on short runways. Its likely the same on the smaller 319, 318, and also 321. But I am going by what a RL pilot is telling me, not just smoke and mirrors.

I was talking about the A350, which also can go by Flaps 3 :)

As for the Boeing 772 reference, also taken from what Real Life 777 pilot here on the community told me.

maybe I’ll shed some light on the subject. There is only 5 Positions on the Flap Lever 0,1,2,3,Full. When you select flap 1 on the ground (with weight on wheels) you get what is know as 1+F… when you select flap 1 in the air you’ll only get Slats. You can use one 1+F to 3 for takeoff although 1+F is the most common and only in certain places in the world is FLAP 3 for T/O actually needed, I certainly haven’t heard of it being used anywhere in europe even down in greece.