A320 first commercial flight!

hey there! today (topic created in 4/18/2021) is the day when the a320 got it first commercial flight! Air france was the launch customer of the a320! the first flight of the a320 was in 22 February 1987 and the first commercial flight was in 18 April 1988 which is now 33yrs ago wow this aircraft it old! since the a320-100 was the first one but there no a320-100 in the IF so i use a a320-200 air france and also i couldn’t find what was the first commercial route so i just use LFPG To EIDW

flight info

livery:Air France
flight time:1:16
date of the flight:4/18/2021
flight number:Air France 320

1.a320 is now getting ready it first commercial flight

2.CFM56-5 is now starting up for it commercial flight!

3.the a320 has left the ground and now the first commercial takeoff of the a320!!

4.it now leaving europe heading to ireland

5.the a320 is now about to make history!!!

6.a320 has made it first commercial landing and now exiting the runway!!!image

7.the a320 is now parked and now made history of aviation!!!image

the a320 is the one of the most popular plane in the world next to the b737. a320 have variants from the a321, a319 and the babybus(a318) even having a NEO version!!! the a320 probably made a change to aviation!! thank you airbus!


Damnn really great pictures 😍😍😍 Here’s to 33 years and more of the A320 family🍻🍻(Think that as coke if you’re below 18)


Interesting! Good pics!

cool pics!

You know what
A320 is built at Hamburg and Toulouse
You started at CDG
It’s definitely not its first flight

Jokes aside, very good pictures!

Nice pictures !

The Airbus A320 began its great career on the Air France Paris-Düsseldorf-Berlin route on 18 April 1988.


i wish i knew that before:(

Now you know it :)

Great pictures but one tip: Try not to over edit the contrast and coolness when making these.

ight ok!!!

Other than that, really creative pictures!

I think that still looks a lot like Apple juice

But cheers to 33 years of aerobus 🍻

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He meant “Commercial Flight” by its first pax flight probably.

very nice way to celebrate the A320’s!