A320 family rocking

When I slow down in the A320 family the noes always goes up and down. Why does this happen and what can I do to prevent it?

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Were you using trim? Trim is key to many important aspects of flight.

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The A320 family tends to overcorrect itself when adjusting speed. I recommend decreasing your speed much more gradually.


Your use of trim and power settings are very important here. Also what altitude were you at or was this during your final approach?

I was at 3700ft. I don’t know if I should use positive or negative trim.

What speed did you decrease to?

I was at final approach speed.

Final approach speed at 3700 feet? AGL or MSL? Were you using flaps?

I try to keep a trim of 5% when I’m landing in aircraft like the a320 and b737 families
Positive trim to keep your nose up attitude and more power to help you maintain altitude

What was the approach speed?

I was at 140kts. I had 10% of trim.

Yeah, I would add about 15% positive trim and full flaps. Sometimes, I’ll even find myself using up to 25% positive trim. It all depends on the situation.

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I was at full flaps. It was going 1400fpm down and 1400fpm up just to maintain 3700ft.

Flaps 3 or Full and 10% trim should help you keep that nose up attitude
And keep an eye on how quickly your reduce speed because the A320 family tends to rock as @lucaviness said already

Was autopilot on?

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Yes, the AP was on. If i were to disengage it I wouldn’t be able to land.

By recalibrating your device and going around you might have been able to manually land without APPR mode on I think
It might really be a calibration issue

A common thing that happens when engaging APPR is also some nose movement to get yourself aligned properly, so that could possibly be the source of it as well.

Here is what happpens. I slow down from 180kts to 160kts. I put flaps 3 and the plane starts rocking.

When this happens, is APPR engaged?