A320 Family Rework

Anyways, here’s a pic by @flybarroso , who works at LIS , cargo door opened :

Thanks for sending me it !


And some of the switches on the pedestal (or whatever that’s called) look the same as before the plane wasn’t fitted with a live cockpit.

What they schould add for sure is the cabin.
Shouldn’t be that hard since they already added to some aircraft and also they schoud add the hall cabin since these are small plane.
This should be added for sure.

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Consider it as a gift! Just went to around to spot some birds and I found one of your favourites! 😁

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Don’t forget about more animals including Fallon the Falcon, Cubby the Bear, Luna and Lilly the Wolves, Crockett the Raccoon, Xavier the Mountain Goat, Courtney the Cougar, Midnight the Wolf, Max the Lynx, Otto the Owl & Spot the Jaguar!!! That’s what we really need in game!


Sad news, but I do hope we see a rework sometime in the future!

Personally I do like this idea BUT I feel like the E-jets could use a revamp a bit more.

I’d like them to rework it again especially the cockpit. Even though the cockpit got live instruments I still feel the rest of the cockpit needs to be more HD or realistic.

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This needs to be reworked properly, It was done rushed and with limited features other than the cockpit, same with the 737.

It needs to be reworked, working doors, new animations etc.

Especially these sharklets angle…


The sharklets angle are a fix that is definitely needed I think. I do put my interior camera angles on the wing view and it just doesn’t feel right to look at. Even though it does feel like something small, having it right would really help with realism and make it feel right.


Yes The a320 family needs a second rework

I agree, both the 320 and 321 don’t even have a body when displayed with internal drones. The flight control panels are displaying the cockpit. It would be cool to see them get updated. Maybe even have some seats and automated doors.


yes we need an interior cabin and working doors plus flaps.

2 EFB screens on booth side would be awesome !!

This would be awesome got my vote

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