A320 Family Rework

Bangkok Airways A320




I also realized that the yellow line in the ND (Navigation Display) is missing it’s a very important element in the screen, there’s only the green prisma for the derivate indicator.
I hope they with add it

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Love to see the following missing Frontier Airlines liveries for the A321:

  1. Seymour the Walrus
  2. Steve the Eagle

Just remember that they simplified it.

This first iteration of glass instruments will include simplified versions of the aircrafts PFD, MFD, ECAM, FMS, COM Radios, Chrono/Clock, and Autopilot standby altitude, altimeter, and airspeed controls.

Form the release notes


Since the A320 family is reworked (expect for liveries, engines, the whine noise and the barking dog)does the topic need to be closed?

I don’t think so, since it hasn’t undergone a full rework Yet


Can the developer add more Frontier Airlines liveries to the A321?

Utilise the search button and look for A321 liveries for Frontier. Vote here!

Don’t forget the A320 has at least 5 liveries of this airline in IF.

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I see. I want to see more Frontier Airlines liveries on the A321, as the A321 has only one Frontier Airlines livery, while the A320 has five Frontier Airlines liveries. The reason for requesting more Frontier Airlines liveries for the A321 is having only one Frontier Airlines can be boring for me and I want to fly the A321 with different Frontier Airlines liveries.

Then you’ll need to vote for that @Clipper

Here’s the top Frontier Airlines liveries for the A321 requests:

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The A320 was just reworked so this topic probably could be closed & unlisted.

Adding the Live Cockpit isn’t considered a rework… There are still many missing features for the A320.


Like the stobes lights, PTU, Whine…

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Not only frontier


I believe there are few things to rework on it but it would be great, new panel textures, new engine blades, liverys and the NEO family.

Additional liveries for the A321:

I also agree that Infinite flight has to rework the A320 family, and one of the things that IF could implement on the A320 would be the Fly Control on the Panel, (Something that already has in the 737 family)
I believe that it would be something very useful on the A320 and that animation is also implemented on the doors of the A320 (Passengers / Cargo)
Thankful 🛩

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It would be awesome to get the newer cockpit the one we have now is 17 years and older. The newer cockpit would be great especially with the sharklets


And maybe more wingflex I think the wings doesn’t flex enough, it feels very stiff

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