A320 Family Rework

The A320 is already reworked but i realy want the A320 neo. I think this Will not comes in 1 or 2 years

Very nice livery - but I have more votes.

(When I have more votes I will vote)🙂🙂✈

And there is a need for apu strobes on a320 series.

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not only that, also the strobe on the apu exit, with the white nav

It would be nice to have cameras on both sides
front left and right engines
behind left and right wing (please, MORE IN THE BACK)
like this


The A320 family was updated fairly recently. There are other aircraft that haven’t had a rework since they were released.


I agree with the people that have said this is a low priority rework. Just add a few things (doors, working instruments maybe) and fix the wing flex because there is far too much lol

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Its speculation time xd

Edit: Lol then i delete it. But i really would like to see A320 series with rework, apu strobes and more liveries. Maybe he is or not but we need A320 anyway.

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Don’t have a vote left, but I’d like to see the strobes and added views that the CRJ and newer A/C have.

All I want is A320’s engine sound


I also want to see the real flap sounds during the extension and retraction, as well as animated pilots, cabin view, working instruments and animated windscreen wipers.

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If mods reworking the A320 family, I suggest they adding:

  • A320 family whining noise
  • engine sound
  • Volotea livery in the A319
  • Aegean Air
  • Air Moldava
  • Air France in the A321
  • American Airlines A319
  • Iberia (express) A319, A320
  • Aer Lingus A319
  • Avianca A320
  • The Barking Dog (Power Transfer Unit)…😉

I know there are some missing liveries for the A320 (all variants). I can to see the following missing liveries for each A320 variants:

  1. A321 Aeroflot
  2. A321 Lufthansa
  3. A321 (all Chinese airlines)
  4. A320 Cebu Pacific

Volotea livery is good, I wish devs is adding this livery in the next A320 rework.
But, do you want this livery in infinite flight ?

  • Yes, I want this livery in infinite flight.
  • No, I don’t want this livery in infinite flight.
  • This livery is amazing.
  • Bad livery.

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If this was unnecessary, PM me and I will modified or removed this comment.

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Just a heads up that picture you put is of the A319 I’m pretty sure. Some of the 319s have double exit windows if that’s what might have confused you. Cool livery though

A320 cabin (all variants)
image http://www.modernairliners.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/800px-Virgin_America_A320_cabin-768x576.jpg


Although this isn’t a rework, Live Screens are coming to the A320!
Credit: @DeltaVirtual


Where did you get this from? Oshkosh?

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It was posted on Delta Virtual’s Instagram page. And yes, this is from Oshkosh. 2 Delta Virtual members went there and found this! :D

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Wow! Amazing! Cant wait for the next update!


Love to see the A319 and the A320 in Bangkok Airways livery.

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