A320 Family Rework

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I am requesting this as with the new CRJ and the standards of aircraft it has brought, i think it would be great to rework the A320 family with all the new features like a proper cabin with mood lighting, working doors, HD cockpit, wing-flew and much more. Wouldn’t that be amazing to have?

(Credit - http://aircraftwallpapergalleries.blogspot.co.uk/2017/12/a320neo-maiden-flight-takeoff-with-cfm.html)

(Possibly also add the A320Neo whilst on the whole rework thing)

I have requested this as i feel the A320 family is used by so many people! I would even stretch to it being the most used series in IF (maybe apart from the 737 family) And therefore if brought up to the CRJ quality it would just be amazing!

I know the plane is actually quite ‘new’ into IF but i feel if reworked now, so many pilots would get the benefit and then less popular aircraft could get reworked to the CRJ standards once the most used aircraft have been. Also i think it would be best to rework most of the planes in IF before adding any new ones (but thats a separate topic and my opinion)

Please vote if you would like this rework to happen and thanks for reading.

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I was actually surprised to see that this isn’t a duplicate.

Personally, and this is my opinion, I don’t think that the neo options should be included in this if it were to be implemented. They have very similar range, design and the only difference is the improved engines.

Still if this were to be implemented into Infinite Flight, it would be fantastic! Hopefully the spoilers issue will be addressed :D


Yeah i agree, the A320Neo is only in there to show a bit of sweet wing-flex on take off.


If A320 was CRJ quality I would explode for me it would be global all over agian.

Air New Zealand A320 is my life LOL.


Ahahaha, I love the A320 family too, my favourite is the A321 though.


It would be nice to see rhe a320neo and rework to the rest but there are other planes that need to be improved much more like the a330, a340, boeing 757, 767 and maybe the 777. It would be cool to see a rework update where FDS improve all planes in the game to the standards of the CRJ!


To improve all planes at once is impossible as with the older models you really have to start from the ground and work your way up again. I just think it would be best if the devs rework the planes that are used most first.

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There fine for now personally I’d like to see the 737 family get an upgrade!


You’ve earned my vote

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Why, the a320 is a great aircraft and it is in very good quality. Try the newer A320 liveries like frontier those are very good


I think it’s harder to find ways to add features to any airplane that needs a bridge or stairs to connect its passengers to the cabin. So in my opinion working doors seem a bit useless on this particular aircraft. However, I am down for some interior work!


@FDemon, @JIA_345, @Jackalus_Mills, I understand you points, i just think that with the A320 getting so much use it would be cool to get t reworked and then not have to worry about it. Also the plane liveries aren’t the focus with this, more the actual plane model and features.


I believe with the recent CRJ-700 showing a realistic flight physics is good it shows that we could get the best flight physics and flight model therefore it’s in need of a rework.


Your correct there aren’t really any demands for new livery’s on the A320 family

Yeah i agree i think the rework focus would be more on the plane physics. Although i would always welcome new liveries :-)

Yeah couldn’t care a less about the Livery’s we have all we need now maybe it might be nice a couple of new livery’s

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I know it would be an amazing aircraft but i think there are some more plane that need rework more than the A320 (i.e A330,340,380,B757,767)


Well each time an aircraft comes out, by the next aircraft release it becomes “old” in terms of features. I still remember when the 737 and then 747 series came out and it was the latest and greatest :) So it will always be a game of leapfrog among the planes as old ones are reworked and new ones added. I say rework the A330/40 and 767/757 first…


I personally don’t think that the A320 series needs a rework at all. It’s one of the better aircrsft in Infinite Flight right now. The other Airbus aircraft such as the A330 and A340 are the ones that really need the rework in my opinion.


Personally I would love to see this but I don’t think it’s needed now there are some other aircraft that need to be reworked first (to even meet the current A320 quality) in the future like long term I think this will be needed

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