A320 Family Missing Strobe

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I noticed recently flying around in the A320 Family that the Aircrafts seem to be missing the rear strobe light and only have the wing strobes. Not only is this a cosmetic thing in game but obviously strobes do serve a purpose. Im not sure If this issue is fixable on the current model, but hopefully it can be corrected. Leagally I can’t Reference the Airbus FCOM to show you it should be there, but attached is a youtube video, and although its a NEO the only difference to the ceo is the strobe pattern.

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It is not really a bug, the A320 is just an old aircraft in IF. It has to be reworked.
The 787 has got a rear strobe light as it is a pretty new and detailed aircraft.


Yes, they are missing a rear strobe. If I were you, I would make a features request regarding a “A320 Rework” or something along those lines. Unfortunately, not much else can be done to resolve this.


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It’s actually not an old aircraft. Fairly newer compared to the rest of Infinite Flights fleet. #facts 😉


Yes, compared to the rest of the aircraft. But November 2015 was a pretty long time ago I would say.


Exactly, I don’t think it needs a rework. I was hoping the devs good fix it in a future update, no need to blow up a perfectly good airplane for a light 😂

I only mention the issue in hopes it is fixable without a complete rework.

Actually that could be a new feature not on current A320 family as it’s the A320NEO filmed, so could be new for the NEO family.

I fly the Airbus A320, I assure you its there, blinded by it on my walk around . I have the Airbus Manuals to prove it as well :)


It has got a rear strobe light. (Watch this video)

Ah right fair enough, I’ve never noticed it on regular A320CEO’s before, saw it on a NEO landing at Heathrow

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Best example is if you skip to 3:20 thats a ceo :)

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Ah cheers. Weird how I never notice them on the CEO version but first time seeing a NEO it popped out instantly😂😂

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Rear strobes seem not to be rendered for aircraft pre-787. You can always create a #features request for it or vote for an existing feature request for it.

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