A320 Family Cockpit Cameras

Making this a topic at the request of Misha.

I was a big non-supporter of the A320 family update to the live cockpit earlier this year. Simply because I felt it was released a bit early as it came with some issues – primarily the views for the different variants and the auto throttle that was well documented to randomly go full throttle at times. This led to me not flying one of my favorite aircraft’s in the game and was a major disappointment to me when it should have been a major plus to have a new feature for this aircraft.

Enter our newest update. Naturally this was one of the first things I went to see in 19.4. While they were improved (thank you) I notice they are still not the exact same view for any of the 4. Each one sits slightly different than the others. Is this by design or an error? It was my belief the cockpits are the same for all four variants. Just wanted to get some information on that. Thanks to all of you for the hard work and great update!

Pictures below for reference. You can see a slight difference in each picture of cockpit of the A318, 319, 320 and 321. Its a minuscule difference some may argue but if you solely fly one aircraft (ie: A320) and then jump over to one of the other three variants, the difference will be night and day; at least for me. Thanks again to everyone involved in the latest update; out of the park home run.

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