A320 family cockpit camera angle fixes

I’ve definitely started practicing landing them, it hasn’t been straightforward staying on glideslope and the localizer but I’ll get the hang of it all with practice. Just wishing the change wasn’t so drastic but we already have the opportunity to learn. Great tips! I’ll be practicing but also hoping devs consider what I’ve had to say lol

I like it! You’ve adjusted well! I’ll get the hang of it eventually I just wish I could learn to maneuver the aircraft at my own pace you know! Btw great pic too.

That’s odd… my A321 cockpit looks like this. I hate this view because I cannot see my instruments


It’s not lol. The FPV might be less useful but the HUD acts as live instruments but easier to see

I actually do have a serious issue with flying without the HUD in general: There is no depth perception in IF so it’s harder to judge direction of movement as compared to IRL, espectially vertically. Even without FPV I can use the VS to get approx 3 deg descent and use the glideslope to adjust, but on live instruments the VS is unreadable (too small), so I have to use the bottom bar.

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If I climb to cruise at around 500 fpm, the AP will start oscillating between ±100. This is normal on most planes because then it stabalizes. On the A321 it increased to over ±400 in a few minutes.

That is true. I can fly just fine with the live instruments on iPad. No change to do that on my phone. Everything is just too small to see. Supporting all different form factors is hard. I don’t say anything about the AP. Almost got some violations using it. Basic use in clean configuration is OK.

In my case, this is not simply because I want to revert to the old ways. I have trouble reading the numbers & text on the live instruments on any of the aircraft that have live instruments. I use a 11inch iPad, so in terms of screen size I should be good.

I think for the developers to understand better, we are not asking to go back in time. We are not asking to remove any current views (in this case, the A320 series aircraft). What we are asking for is the addition of the classic virtual cockpit/hud view.

A couple responses to reasons it should be kept the same:

1. You can just readjust the camera view.

  • Yes we can. The issue arrises when the cockpit view resets, and the HUD is not level with the horizon. This can happen if I simply touch the screen in a way where I was going to select a option, but instead I moved the camera view off-center. Having to readjust the camera view to be level with the horizon in a critical phase of flight gets very tiresome.

2. We made Live Instruments to be used, not optional.

  • This is a viewpoint that I have seen a couple higher-ups mention. And it doesn’t sit well with me. I hope this is not a circumstance where the developer is always right, and us the consumer, is always wrong.
    Understandably, live instruments was a community vote that received tremendous support. There is a certain percentage of us who would have happily kept on playing IF without live instruments. For people who want to fly relying on live instruments, let them do so. As for others who want to fly relying on a correctly positioned HUD (without constantly having to realign), let us do so too.

The change to Live Instruments, while very useful for many, has lead me back to using aircraft without Live Instruments , for the purpose of having the HUD cockpit view that I do not constantly need to realign.

Is it possible to just simply add back a “HUD View” into the cockpit settings? So people who fly with Live Instruments can continue to, while people who want to use the HUD with the cockpit seamlessly can just switch to the HUD view and enjoy.

This feature has lead me to not using any of the Airbuses with Live cockpit. I am not trying to go backwards on new features on Infinite Flight, but would like an old trusty feature brought back. Thanks!

Thank you @Charles_B for Not making this a feature request. This is something that was never going to make the popular vote, but is a request that a minority of us are asking for.


You mean something like this?


for me i always have to manually bring the camera angle down slightly in the captain view and zoom in a bit to see the Instruments properly

in the picture you see its not possible to view the pitch and HDG indicators without moving the camera down slightly

i hope the first officer view was on the captain side instead

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No, with zero degree level of the artificial horizon lined up with the real horizon, as with aircraft without the live instruments, would be perfect!

Like this:

It’s all we’re asking for! 👀

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are you playing on a phone?

This screenshot was taken on my phone, as I am away from my iPad.

@Jomo_Kenyatta, I think this feature request I made will interest you as an alternative. I too like being up close and personal with the instruments when I fly.

I’m almost with you here, but I would still like the virtual cockpit!

Hopefully @Chris_S won’t leave us hanging to dry!

You just tap the camera to switch between the two, it’s a nice comprise in my opinion but I digress.

No Chris, we’re talking about the view in Pictures 1 and 2. That is the exact new captain view that has the HUD facing too low and forces pilots like me to manually correct it during final approach.

That is the exact thing I wouldn’t want to have to do. There should be another angle where the camera, like in pictures 3 and 4, sees all the instruments in the cockpit. The A318, A319 and A320 have these angles for both the First Officer and Captain. The point of this post is to give the user more camera options (as in, making the default camera option seen in pictures 1 and 2 possible) rather than forcing one option (picture 3 and 4, the intended angle for all cockpits with live instruments) which makes it difficult to fly for some.

Probably because you are on your phone? I use iPad,

@Jomo_Kenyatta and I are saying the same thing. We’re not exactly asking for a no VC HUD, we’re asking to make it possible for the HUD (seen in picture 2), to be in the same position it had always been in, as an extra option.