A320 family cockpit camera angle fixes

Before I start, I just want to thank the devs again for their dedication and hard work in constantly improving the sim and continuing to heighten the realism that we get to experience. Having said this, there is one request I would like to make.

(This topic might belong in the “features” section, so if it should be moved, by all means!)

I am very happy with the live cockpit instruments in the Airbus A320 family. When testing out the A321, it was exactly what I had hoped for regarding views from inside the cockpit. I use pictures to show what I’m talking about.

Pictures 1 and 2: A321 captain’s view, with live instruments and HUD. This is exactly how I feel the camera angle needs to be for the captain. The default angle is level with the horizon, and the instruments are still visible for pilots that would like to take a closer look.

Pictures 3 and 4: First Officer view, with live instruments and HUD. I do not mind the default position of the HUD here, I think it is great to be able to have this angle to monitor the flight instruments during various phases of the flight.

My issue
The demonstrated pictures are the current camera angles for the A321 which I very much like, and expected the angles to be.

However, the A318, A319, and A320 have the default camera angle and HUD positions of pictures 3 and 4 in the Captain’s side as well, which I do not like for reasons related to ease of navigation.

I wanted to bring this up to see what the community thinks, and in hopes that the devs can consider adding a variety of camera angles instead of forcing one specific angle. We already have the “Instrument angle” where we have direct view of the instruments themselves, but I think the ability to navigate the A318, A319, and A320 suffers with the HUD not being level with the horizon as you see in the First Officer’s view.

The point
I would therefore like to have the HUD in the captain’s seat of the other three planes in the A320 family be just like the A321 situation. If not, it would at least be nice to have the option to keep this original camera angle (in picture 1), in all of the aircraft. Let me know what you guys think about this.

I think this matter needs to be talked about now especially with the A350 seemingly coming out sooner than we expect, and I’d like to have the A350’s camera angle options be similar to those of the A321, in other words especially having default HUD position in the cockpit, level with the horizon.

Community and devs, let me know your thoughts.


You can vote for the «old» view here:


Thanks for the link. Not familiar with how it is all done but it doesn’t sound too complicated to just have the “old” camera angle still available as a choice. I’d like to fly all the aircraft with instruments so this topic for me needs more attention. Especially if they’ll eventually rework cockpits of all aircraft in the sim.

No problem. Did a quick search to find it.
You can continue discussion in the topic I linked to.
Maybe the feature request can get more attention/votes :-)

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My gut feeling is the votes won’t be enough since the request isn’t exactly revolutionary like asking for buildings and clouds.

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The A321 view is great, if you don’t want to take advantage of the awesome new live cockpit. Honestly, i try to stay away from the A321, since i find it way harder to land without the HUD. For me, and I’m sure a lot of others, the view of the A320/319/318 would be preferred for the A321 captains view. Why have something awesome if we’re not taking full advantage of it? Just my two cents.
Good day! :)

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The advantage is taken by switching into the seat of the First Officer! It adds a lot of variety and keeps the flight interesting. Captain flies, the First Officer monitors. I liked how that worked out when I tried out the A321.

Just land without the cockpit or turn on HUD lol. It’s not like the A320.
I hate the A321 in general though, bobbing issues are crazy. I can get rid of it in cruise but I can’t keep on doing the VS 0 trick when descending

You’re talking about the nose moving side to side? Yeah its wild but I’ve managed to beat it. It isn’t difficult to fly.

The point is I want to land inside the cockpit with a good view that isn’t messing up spatial awareness.

Not the nose. The VS is pretty out of control if ALT is set

I’ve seen this topic a few times about camera angles and all that, and it all comes back to the devs and mods saying that it won’t happen. They more or less won’t change angles because of the effort they have gone through to bring live instrument feature into the sim. That would mean taking a step back instead of a step foward. The reality is that you are gonna have to either manually adjust the camera angle to a suitable angle or just use the first camera view.

I have not had this issue. That issue might have to do with speed or winds, and maybe even a combination of speed and the pitch of your yoke when you set your altitude. Fly with it for a while in solo I think it can be figured out.

The request of keeping an extra camera option, the “old” camera option isn’t a major request though. Of course I also feel like eventually I’ll move away from using the HUD in the cockpit, just a matter of practice and familiarity. But most modern planes do have a HUD so why not have it set up properly?

It may not seem major l, but the devs believe it’s just a step back🤷🏾‍♂️.

Where do the devs talk about this camera topic? Was it in a stream or interview?

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And this way, it’ll force you to practice even more. If we were to have it the old way, the most likely scenario is that you will only using that instead of doing the way that is outside of your comfort zone (as in using the live instruments only).

The HUD is still there, but without the cockpit.
There will always be changes that will force users to step out of the comfort zone and learn a new way of doing things. You’ll notice this with the new UX that we’ve talked about where the buttons are moved around.

If we were to always keep the “old way” around, the app would grow into a monster with several legacy options that really shouldn’t be there.

I think it is the mastery, subsequent boredom with “the old way”, and desire for more realism that will lead to the decision to practice flying with the new angles. Thought it would be good for the decision to eventually adjust be a decision of the user.

In my case, when I first started flying, I was flying with the HUD only, no cockpit. I then slowly moved into the cockpit, and that became home. I already have plenty of flying hours so eventually I’d want the challenge of being able to use the live instruments when I fly. This has been my experience, but alas I can only speak for myself here. Kind of like riding a bike with training wheels until you’re confident enough to ride the bike without them. But those are my two cents here.

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Good point! I totally agree

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I always use zoom to see the instruments properly. It will pay off to learn to land manually with instruments only to minimums. If we get clouds in the future the HUD/FPV will be useless anyway if I understood correctly.

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There are two ways I fly.

  1. I zoom in and have the runway slightly in view and have all my primarys in the main view.

  2. I fly how the camera is in default but I use the bar below to show the necessary information. Like I display the airspeed, vs, and alt. These are sufficient to performing a quality landing.

But then alternatively you can use the first camera view.