A320 Family Aircraft Registration Reference Thread

This is an easy to access thread with the registrations of the Airbus A320 family. The purposes of this thread are to allow an easy way to provide Registration info to help Research, disputing of realism etc. Feel free to comment below on what you know and or what you found out about these aircraft!


ACJ #1: N1MJ
ACJ #2: N1DS
ACJ #3: N1BG
Air France: F-GUGF
British Airways: G-EUNB
Avianca: N594EL
tarom: YR-ASA
Mexicana: XA-UBX
Frontier: N808FR
Airbus House Colors (Retro): F-WWIB
Airbus House Colors (Newer): F-WWIA


Air Berlin: D-ABGJ
Air Canada: C-GITR
Air China: B-6228
Air France: F-GRXA
British Airways: G-EUPY
Brussels Airlines: OO-SSD
Delta Airlines: N328NB
Easyjet: G-EZDE
Qatar Airways: A7-CJB
Tigerair: 9V-TRB
Tunisair: TS-IMQ
Volaris: XA-VOL
Cebu Pacific: RP-C3193
Air Canada Rouge: C-GJVY
Croatia Airlines: 9A-CTL
Saudia: HZ-AS46
SilkAir: 9V-SBD
Swiss: HP-IPV


Aeroflot: VQ-BPV
Air Asia: 9M-AQZ
Batik Air: PK-LAJ
IndiGo: VT-IFH
JetBlue: N558JB
Libyan Airlines: 5A-LAI
Air New Zealand: ZK-OXC
Lufthansa: D-AIZR
Spirit: N619NK
United Airlines: N428UA
US Airways: N651AW
Virgin America: N361VA
Air France: F-GKXU
American Airlines: N647AW
JetStar: VH-VQB
Wizz Air: HA-LYR
Easyjet: G-EZWM
Vueling: EC-LUO
Dutchbird: PH-BMD

US Airways: N508AY
(Note: this will be updated when the current A321 is upgraded)


We can read the aircraft itself and plus Boeing707 will have them when he has the confirmed A321s anyway

Are the ACJs made up coz when i searched N1DS is came up with a gulfstraem

Something about that 4th ACJ318 seems suspicious.

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What, the red livery?

Yes, I know it looks alright, buy my opinion it looks suspicious.

BTW I thought Frontier phased out their A318s? I don’t care, because the livery looks fantastic (iOS user), but just something I noticed…

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Mexicana also isn’t a company anymore. There are almost no A318 operators.

But it’s still nice to have some historical features. This is going to send Laurens to the moon and back. He doesn’t like old history bud new modern.

It’s an A318 actually.

Philippe said that they’re custom :)

Sorry, my bad :|

Wait just one second here, one of the A319’s will be Delta. :D

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And Croatian? :D

All of them are confirmed, ask any Android user that has IF😴

Yes. All listed are confirmed for their updates.

US Airways A321-20 likely to remain the same-Please add that

Is this still a thing??