A320 Family Action @EIDW // 5/10/2020

Hello IFC, and welcome to my second spotting topic.

I was in Dublin today, and with time to spare I said I’d swing by the airport and do a bit of spotting. Traffic levels in Dublin are down hugely and I only saw 5 aircraft in 30 minutes.

These are all blurry, because they were taken with an iPhone 8 in my shaky hands, it was freezing!

When I first arrived, a Delta A330 was just taking off for New York JFK.

Then, I saw on Flightradar24 that an EI A320 was due in from Amsterdam, so I got some pictures of that.

Next, the catch of the day for me, an Aer Lingus A321neo in from LHR.

Then, a British Airways A320 arrived, also from LHR.

Lastly, a Turkish Airlines A321neo was going off to IST.

These aren’t the best pictures in the world, but I hope you enjoyed them anyway :)


The Dublin spotting is coming in thick and fast. 😂


You’ll know all the departure and arrivals by heart in a few weeks 😂 @KPIT


Between Ryan me and Sean, you’re spoilt 😂

Side note:

The way up and down from the spotting location at DUB is very steep and slippy in wet conditions. Wouldn’t recommend if you can’t climb steep slopes. I nearly fell off it today


NGL mate, I have taken photos with iPhone 8, and they aren’t the best in the world. On the (literal) other side in the down under, we are getting one of those weather patterns, which kinda sucks. Great photos!


Yeah, it’s not the best camera out there, I’m going to try get myself a proper spotters camera soon.

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Lovely stuff Hugh. Hope to get down myself some weekend. Hopefully traffic levels pick up.

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Nice Patrick, enjoy, watch out for the gardai with level 3 though

Fantastic shots! ;)

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My quad will get me away no bother 😂😉

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Thanks Sasha, not really though

beatiful shots!! the A320 family is my favority airplanes

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