A320 falling out of the sky.

(I am on the newest version of the game) I am testing landing the A320 Family at EGLL on solo. Whenever I try to land the A321 (I am doing short final) the A321 falls out of the sky like a brick. I am confused because it happened once with the A320 but I fixed it by changing the weather. (the weather was clear and no wind when I changed it for the A320 and when I was landing the A321) Can someone please help me.

Can you give a screenshot of your speed?


The preferred landing speed for the A321 is 140 KIAS. You’re doing 129 knots ground speed but this could be 140KIAS if you have a 11kt headwind. Can’t really say from the above image so you should send a screenshot with an image of your KIAS. Also suggest you trim up to perhaps 20-30 degrees. If none of this works try landing at a faster speed

Are you using the short-final function? If yes, then you have to speed up right away to not stall. And as said above, use trim.

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When you hit short final it loads in at 135kts, it’s a tad slow if you are over 25% load

Simple fix for now is to set your aircraft to light for the time being.