A320 erratic on takeoff.

Went to take off from Heathrow and plane (A320) started behaving weirdly, tracking right and left erratically and when I tried to take off the plane would not rotate and stayed on the ground until finally crashing. Heathrow was busy with some 35 aircraft on the airport. Both ground and tower act was active. My device is iPad 5th generation with all settings on high. Have good internet connection all green ticks. Any ideas?

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Maybe you accidently hit the Autopilot, so you couldn’t rotate ? It had happen to me before.

There is a multitude of possibilities here. Without video evidence and duplication of the event it would be hard for us to see what the issue is.

-Calibrate your device before takeoff
-Confirm that you are taking off manually (No A/P)
-Make sure you have flaps set for takeoff (Based on aircraft, weight and RW length)
-Make sure you have enough speed for rotation


I think you maybe right. I’ve just tried it again and this time there was no problem.

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You need to reset your device. The gyro isn’t working correctly. Happens to me from time to time.


Make sure that when above 80 knots, do not use rudder to steer, use alierons. (This can be changed in settings)