A320 ECAM Displays

If I compare the infinite flight A320 ECAM displays to Aerofly A320 ECAM displays they kinda look emty to me. It would be nice they could add more information to the A320 ECAM displays.
If you want this feature than please leave a vote.

The devs try to work in iterations. There may be more features somewhere down the road. Only time will tell though.

That would be cool (at least a simplified version of it with the status messages and so on)!

Consider voting for it yourself though!

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They aren’t full because some people wouldn’t understand them at all, below is a quote from the 19.3 release notes:

This first iteration of glass instruments will include simplified versions of the aircrafts PFD, MFD, ECAM, FMS, COM Radios, Chrono/Clock, and Autopilot standby altitude, altimeter, and airspeed controls.


The following quote states that they are working on improvements to them:

The developers’ goal with these cockpit instruments is to add improvements with each release. The A320 instruments are ready to ship, however not yet feature-complete.


So all we can say is that, they are working on making them better but only time will tell if they are making them more detailed.



As cool as this would be, I think that the devs are so busy with the a350, 777, and the 172, that this probably won’t happen until they finish these projects. They also just updated the a320 family, so I’m not sure how keen they would be to update it again. It is a really cool idea though.

After this update when it releases, we are expecting a 757 and 767 rework/cockpit remodeling and new liveries. If the A350 will have “Ecam” then its a possibility that later on IF Devs will add in missing details.

They don’t have to add this feature now I din’t said anything about that. All I said that it would be nice to have this. They can add it when ever the want. They shoud add this feature when the time has arrived for it. Thank’s!

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