A320 crashing while trying to take off from runway

Hi guys :) this is my first support topic so I’ll just get right in it. I was playing on the casual server and I was trying to fly this A320 out of LAX. I have used these settings on the other A320s and still managed to get them to take off the runway, but for some odd reason, the WOW airbus and the Peach airbus I tried flying last night just would not leave the runway. As the plane started to leave the runway, it just crashed. I’ve flown the Spirit, Allegient, and Aer Lingus A320 with no issues. Any ideas are definitely appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help :)

Forgive me if double commenting was not allowed but I forgot to add this is from the iOS app. I usually play on my iPad if that helps.

From this angle, it looked like you had a tailstrike which caused you to crash


From my perspective you don’t have your flaps configured for takeoff and you are possibly stalling the aircraft because of a premature rotation before enough speed was built.


How fast were you going?

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I think I first tried lifting the plane off at 120 kts. I have tried taking off earlier than that but that was during the first month I started playing in July :o

How heavy were you prior to takeoff?

because 120kts is a little slow


Hmm… this makes sense. I always thought the flaps were just used for landing. I’m going to try flying it again this time on solo and see if it works :) this time with flaps.

Make sure to not extend the flaps to full for takeoff.

Maybe Flaps 1 or 2 would work.

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That’s a bit slow for the A320 or any commercial aircraft especially with your flaps retracted. Depending on your weight you’d need a bit more forward speed before rotating.

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I just had medium fuel tanks, no cargo, and 25 passengers. I might try playing around with that and see if it works :)

Before taxiing make sure your device is registering the pitch movements. From time to time the app wont register the pitch sensor and when I try to take off I can only use AP to climb.

I fly the 320 all the time. Flaps 2, 20% trim, apply throttle and the plane will just float off the runway.

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Here’s the latest update. I decided to experiment with the flaps and the weight to see if it would make a difference. What I ended up finding was reducing my passengers from 175 to 11 helped (I thought I had it at 25 but I may have been thinking about another plane I usually fly, the embraer :) ). I tried flaps full and it did not work. Flaps 3 almost worked but not quite. The 2 flaps seemed to do the trick :) . I also had a take off speed of 164 just now. I’ll have to remember these settings every time I try flying this bird out of LAX :) . I’m not quite sure how trim works but I could give that a go :). For now, it’s solved. I thank you guys for all the tips on how to make this happen. Thank you for all your help :D. Now I’ll get back to flying from LAX :D. As for the iPad pitch, I’ll have to watch that too. I should maybe make sure its calibrated first. Thank you :)

I also recommend checking out #tutorials as it seems that your flying is a bit eratic. It will help you sharpen your skills and be a smoother and more realistic pilot.


Try to ease out, don’t jerk your ipad up suddenly, as that could possible result in a tail strike.


You can also try playing around with the sensitivity :)

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lift up slowly not rapidly remain in control of the rudder and i say rotate with a bit more speed :-)

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Yep u should always takeoff with flaps and make sure u rotate at the correct speed and lift up slowly

Hello! I had this problem too! All you have to do is search the the exact flaps limitations and takeoff speed of any plane you use!

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I’m surprised to see this happen as you described. The A320 wants to fly so in most cases it’ll float off the runway. Firstly and very importantly, before I enter the runway I always go back into my menu and quickly hit calibrate to ensure I’m set up all straight and level. Flaps set and rotate at approx 140/145kts depending on weight of course, so not pull back hard, just gently untill the nose lifts and once off the runway hold the pitch at about 12° ( just above the 2nd line on your HUDs virtual horizon). You do not need to be at full throttle either, just let the speed gradually increase and adjust so you don’t go overspeed below 10,000ft.

My only other bit of advice is practice. Gentle control inputs and you’ll be fine! 👍 Feel free to DM me if you want to discuss anything else.