A320 control settings

Whenever i land the a320 its nose wheel touches down soon after the mainwheel and it hits hard.What setting do u guys use for a smooth nose wheel touchdown?


Hello! Same thing here. I believe it’s just a characteristic. However, what I am doing is as soon as my mains touch , I am applying quite a bit of back pressure on my device and slowly letting the nose come down to the runway. Calibrate device before landing and my trim is normally +20%. It’s tricky but I hope this helps!


I’ve noticed the same, and it’s been doing it since release.I’ve found that positive trim helps mitigate the issue, but haven’t exactly found a way to avoid it.

However, based on this video, it seems pretty realistic. 😂


The solution I have found is just to fly the B738, works way better.

Just kidding lol the trick is to apply a lot of back pressure like how RickG said 😉

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I just went to solo mode and did 10 or so landings with the a320 and never had a hard nose wheel hit.

I used no trim.

I was very pitch pressure aware though, as mentioned by others.

I even let the airspeed run off quite a lot and I still had enough pitch control to lower the nose without hitting.

I was able to keep the nose above the runway after the mains made contact even down to the range of 80 to 90kts.

So I think a lot of it is getting the feel for when to go from having to be gentle with pitch inputs (the reflex to avoid over controlling on descent), to ramping up the assertive back pressure force (just enough).

Maybe practice enough repetitions in solo mode to build that reflex for the transition of how much control force is needed. (kind of repeating what RickG and BenjiTheBull said)


A trick I use is if you land with the spoilers in the flight configuration your nose gear wont slam into the ground, and when you do that as soon as your nose gear touches the ground you can change the spoiler setting to armed.

I know its not the most realistic but it does usually work.

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Very interesting… i am going to give this a try.

It’s been like that ever since the A321 was reworked and the rest of the family was added. Best way to counter this is to arm the spoilers after the main wheels touch the runway.

Never had an issue with the nose slamming on the Airbus, proper technique will negate the unrealistic usage of spoilers in the “flight” mode…for me I fly the A320 family with 30% trim for Takeoff and Landing, for landing I retard the throttles at the 20ft callout and apply back pressure to arrest the nose. Doing all of this in a fluid motion will result in a smooth de-rotation of the nose. All about proper technique and practice, no need to approach with the spoilers in “flight” mode.

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Fascinating video but of course a case of extreme conditions causing the nose to briefly make contact first. Obviously, it was an inadvertent contact, absorbing limited load, with the pitch subsequently better positioned after that “touch.” Although it did look like the pilot was aiming a bit to make the end of the touchdown zone, with the correction coming from a maybe “this ain’t gonna happen.”

While worth watching, it doesn’t really relate to the topic:)

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50 FT
The plane memorizes its position and changes its commands (from Airbus style to “Boeing” style).
The gaze goes to the end of the runway
30 FT
The plane flares -2° forcing the pilote to make a curve
Thrust to idle
Sidestick to neutral
10 FT

I also face the same issue but as other say trim seems to help a little, But I am not sure if its me just landing the plane firmly whenever I try to be smooth and I also have the issue of taking off oddly sometimes I find it hard to keep the 320 on the runway and not veering off if anyone has the solution to that or knows anything.

Try not to go full reverse thrust upon touchdown. I’ve noticed this a lot and also pull up a bit upon touchdown.