A320 cockpit lighting problem

Hi, i’ve been having a problem with the A320’s lighting: there is none. At night or sunset, when i’m trying to fly using the A320, the cockpit and passenger lights don’t come on at all. Why? Someone please explain it to me because it’s frustrating. I really liked that feature.

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I’m not sure if my question helps but what is your airplane quality setting? Probably it affects the lighting?

What’s the quality of the aircraft? Low, medium, high or very high? I think the last two have an illuminated cockpit.

I don’t know. I don’t really check quality settings…

Check it now bruh

Go into the app setting, click the Graphics tab, look for and set Aircraft Quality to at least High. Problem should be solved. Assuming the device isn’t an older generation that can’t support it.


Set it to either high or very high… That should work!it’s probably on normal!

Thanks :D that’s helpful.


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