A320 camera

Is there any way to restore the a320/19 camera ti the old position?


No, because the position has been changed so you can see the live cockpits better.

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No, it has been implemented like this so you can see the full display of the live cockpit. You can select the views and scroll around to the way you like it, but the old view I think is only on the A321 for now, as it is a bug being fixed soon.

No no no no. Please let the A321 with its default view. I want to use the UI not the small things in live cockpits. UI makes Infinite Flight Infinite Flight.

But live cockpits are the natural evolution of the sim…


Yes yes yes yes. This isn’t in my control and is a bug. Several members have said this, but we’ve got to all grow with Infinite Flight’s standards, you can’t be left there getting dragged along.


Then what was the point of adding a live cockpit?

I agree with @Ecoops123 and @Q-ENAN here.

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Vote here for the old camera view:

I will be honest on some phones the small numbers can get hard to see, so it’s a number, but in most other mobile sims the HUD is a separate view because the cockpit is animated, so it is only natural IF would go here too…

The live cockpit is way too small for phones. I actually have to use the bottom bar for VS because that’s totally unreadable.
And ground visibility is poor because you can’tmove the camera like you can move your head…

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Too small on iPad too.
Infinite flight is becoming a pc game…
The new and the old views should be selectable

you can turn on the HUD from the systems menu still. It’s just the camera angle is really bad visibility-wise

I always use the UI (HUD included of course). But I still prefer the HUD printed over the sky in classic view instead of half-dashboard / half-windshield in the new view.
I have no choice I will make do with the day they update A321.
I’m 1.86m tall I’ll know what to be a child piloting an Airbus is.

Guys, the OP’s question has been answered. A #features request has been linked above if you’d like the old view back. IF has included this new view because of the live cockpit. If you have a problem with it, you can always just swipe a bit up as a substitute.