a320 bobbing after live instrument uptate

That would be at high altitude, not FL100

M.62 is still 340ks calibrated airspeed or 400TAS. That is way too high for that altitude. At FL280 the CAS would be 317 for M.80. He was going way too fast.

then why did OP list mach speed in their original post? you think 340 Airspeed = mach 0.62???

he was probably on a descent path keeping that same speed, i tested it myself at about FL300 mach 0.62 is at 234kts Airspeed and 340 Ground Speed and the ground speed gets lower as the Aircrafts descents further down until the GS matches the TAS

M0.62 is 340ks calibrated airspeed or 400TAS??? now thats wrong

Watch for yourself

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http://www.hochwarth.com/misc/AviationCalculator.html test it out then. Scroll down to CAS/TAS/Mach calculator. Set M at m.62 and Altitude at 10000ft see for yourself. He was going 340ktsKIAS around

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okay keep that airspeed and get to FL290 and then tell me what your mach speed is at LOL

I just showed you the in game proof…

Alright, sorry I hurt your feelings but now let’s go back and help him.


I didt I put in Fl280 and a Mach of .80 and it is CAS of 317. ONce again he was going way too fast. Case closed as stated before. If he kept 340KIAS until FL280 he would be overspeeding. @Q-ENAN even put a screenshot up from IF for you.


okay you go fly the aircraft yourself at the speed of 340KTS and get above FL280 to get the mach number and then see what its shows

I know that 292KIAS gives you Mach 0.66 at FL280 yet I don’t get your point.

you don’t understand 340KTS at FL280 is about mach 0.80 or mach 0.82 not mach 0.62 cause at FL280 mach 0.62 is about 234KTS

nobody uses mach numbers at FL100 which is why i think he’s referring to the mach speed he got at FL280

look at the picture please

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Make sure you have ALT off and VS on, I keep it on 0⁰ at 3000ft AGL, and it aligns with the Glideslope.

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he said what speed he had at 10000 feet.

OP stated the numbers he had a 10000 feet, as indicated in the image shared.

might want to take your own advice…


huh? and i have recorded a whole video so your point is?

Id like to see the video with the same numbers at 28000 feet please.

i didn’t go around saying the a321 has a “KNOWN” issue or whatever cause i don’t seem to have any of those issues when flying the aircraft myself on 3 devices lol

Will handle this with support staff tomorrow. Although we all want to help users we have to understand that when a support topic gets this many comments and information in such a short amount of time it can be overwhelming to the original poster.

@Mathias as far as most of us could see, it is most likely to be flying too fast at that altitude. Many of us have logged countless hours in the A320 family of aircraft with little to no issues. Violent movements from the aircraft generally relate to the rate of travel and the rate of climb.