a320 bobbing after live instrument uptate

While flying a shorthaul at 10 thousand feet my a320 began violently bobbing. at 64 procent load and a flight speed of 340 or 0.62 mach.

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This is a known bug with the A320 family aircraft. I do not think that the issue was because of the update.
Do you have a replay that you can share?


Hang on. recording the vdeo.

I have the same problem with APPR it doesn’t hold the glideslope


Cant exactly find the clip. but what happends is the aircraft overestimates the climb. then violently decends. then it goes full nose up. close to 15-19 degrees nose up. then it goes down.

0.62 is quite slow. Aim for a Mach of 0.78 and close in on your cruising alt at a slower rate. If it still happens just hand fly it level then turn the AP back on.

I have the same issue. Not on the A318/19 though. Things seem to be smoother on those aircrafts.

Actually flying at 340KIAS at FL100 is way way too fast. 280-300KIAS above FL100 maximum. Found your problem

The A321 has been known for it but I’m sure the devs will get round to it.

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I have never had issues with the A321 bobbing until this update it’s fine above FL20

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Really? That’s odd I’ve had a couple of issues when it’s heavier.

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The issue is i was at 10 thousand feet. so mach 0.78 would be way overspeed

I thought I read FL340, sorry for the confusion, second part of my reply should still be relevant.

It sounds like something overspeeding would cause as said above.

stop spreading misinformation, in the past few days i keep seeing those topics and posts of people saying that there’s a technical issues and they are so sure about it, first of all y’all need to share video records, screenshots, and replays,

the speed OP listed up there is ground speed not airspeed, mack 0.62 is about 234 TAS

mach 0.62 is about 234 kts airspeed and thats not overspeed. the OP listed ground speed in the original post.

the problem is your weight 64% is above MLW you should have used flap 1 and positive trim to help or dump your fuel to get your weight below MLW before you get to lower altitudes at a speed of 240kts or 230kts TAS which is what mach 0.62 is at

He never says it is 340 GS just 340 speed. Which at FL100 is really high unless he has some major tailwinds but that is rare at that FL

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Where did he say he was referring to ground speed?

have you not read mach 0.62?

mach speed my friend.