A320 back from DSD to CLT

Flew back from Las Americas same flight plan as before reversed on expert. Went up around 1700 and wheels down about 1940.

Departing MDSD

Bye Las Americas!

Somewhere near Long Island again

Over the big island in the Bahamas


Descending somewhere over Columbia

Hello Charlotte

Short final


~Used the replay system this time lol

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Thanks for flying to CLT, and nice pics!

But you can only post 1 #screenshots-and-videos topic per day, so I recommend, deleting this and reposting it tomorrow, you can copy/paste the whole topic, then past it in a new topic tomorrow after you delete this one.

Why must this be a rule & it’s tomorrow somewhere already.

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It’s in the #screenshots-and-videos rules, I didn’t make them. you don’t have to post exactly 24 hours from you last one, you can make one when you wake up tomorrow.

Ok, will do.

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Yeah I can’t delete it, says I need a mod, I’ll just let it ferment for like two days.

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You can PM or tag a mod to close it. Remember, you can post the pics again tomorrow.

Yep yep will do.

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