A320 Azores Natural

A320-214 Azores CS-TKQ

Photo: Duarte Coelho

Here is one of Azores Airlines’ most beautiful paintings. It would be interesting to have in our simulator to better move your headquarters, LPPD - Ponta Delgada. It is another Portuguese painting that is sorely missed. I hope that they will better serve the requests made at IFC, as we know that unfortunately the vote is not greater than the will of some developers. Since we have a Portuguese painting with over 80 votes for a long time and nothing has been passed on it. Infinite Flight is by far the best mobile simulator, but it could also make things simpler to improve. So I still try and I will continue to do my part doing topics, voting, commenting on those resources of common interest. Among them is this beautiful livery, I hope one day to enjoy it in our simulator.

Let’s vote Portuguese friends!

Azores makes several flights to Europe and the United States, it would be a great accomplishment to have this and unprecedented company on Infinite Flight.



I really hope that this painting comes in this update of the A320 … It is one more company that the IF lacks and that would be of great value to have it. This company makes many flights and even to the United States from its LPPD base (Ponta Delgada). This painting is sorely missed.


New livery for A320’s Azores Airlines
This time the DREAM


Would be better if it wasn’t in yellow.


One of the most beautiful paintings on the A320. Sad to be forgotten by Europeans in the simulator.


As you’re remembering the topics with a few votes, I hope you remember this one. Since it would be an unprecedented painting of a very popular company and with great flights.