A320 Autopilot

My aircraft is rocking its wings side to side with lnav on its happened a few times before anyone know a fix as I had to close my game before

Do you mind sharing what your load, cruise altitude and cruise speed was at the time of the plane rocking?

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It’s probably because you haven’t built up enough speed to cruise safely.

It’s too early to jump to conclusions. There are a myriad of reasons as to why the plane could be swinging from side to side.

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38,000 Mach 0.86 LNAV+VNAV

It looks like it’s the same issue here:

This was reported in July 2020 so it could be outdated though.

Could be an issue with the A320 family overall.

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This is way too fast, Mach 0.78 - 0.80 is the recommended speed. 0.86 is for heavies!

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What about your load? Mach 0.86 in an A320 family aircraft if much too fast for the airframe in real life, and your altitude won’t be of much help if I’m unable to gauge your aircraft load.

Was just saying that it could be a possibility. Didn’t say that it was.

I give up with this game it is now doing f****** 80degree bank side to side

Try slowing down to below 82,

Let’s relax on the language.

The aircraft you are flying is outdated and hasn’t had a full physics update, so you are going to experience these issues.

Users above are trying to help you out, and the best way to help is with the most information provided, you gave them speed and altitude, we want to know what your aircraft payload is so we can help.

If you could provide us with that, that would be nice, and we can try to the best of our availability to help you!

Next time something like this happens, you can refer to other topics similar to this by using the search bar at the top and searching for what’s happening.

Hopefully there will be a full rework of the A320 family in the future.

Happy flying!


And reducing your ALT.

Alright I could be due to you flying too high with high weight
Just descend to a lower altitude

Could be crosswind

Crosswinds wouldn’t make a plane violently(as in really roll to the side) roll left and right

I’ve had that happen to me a few times when I had 100 KTS crosswind around Bermuda

@RP_Beasty I’m sorry you’re having issues with the A320 autopilot. I understand it is frustrating not being able to complete a flight normally.

I saw from previous replies you’re flying at M.86 and at FL380. As pointed out by others, M.86 is beyond the MMO of the A320. A safe speed to fly in cruise would be around M.78, however, up to M.80 is acceptable (if the cost index for the flight in real-life allows for it; not applicable in Infinite Flight). What is your weight at this current time (in kgs or pounds)? Given those figures I can provide you some information regarding your optimum cruise profile. If the autopilot continues to misbehave at those parameters, I’ll personally report it to the developers.

Looking forward to hearing back from you :)

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I headed down to 0.81 I’m in the 321 not sure why I said 320 but It stopped after I deleted some waypoints.

Whats your altitude?