A320 Autopilot Issue When Climbing

Hey community! Recently I’ve noticed a bug (unsure of whether I noticed this before or after 20.1) related to the A320 family, though I may have experienced this on another aircraft as well but just forgot about it, but I’m pretty sure this has been exclusive to A320 aircraft. Usually, this happens once every single flight. Once I begin my climb, things are usually normal and I set my altitude and VS autopilot on. Everything seems fine for a couple of minutes and then I realize my plane is pitching up quite steeply, and I open my cockpit to find I am climbing at 4000+ feet per minute when I have it set to way less. It keeps climbing uncontrollably until I manually fix the issue myself, and after that the autopilot seems to calm down. Unsure if this is a known issue and I didn’t do a ton of research prior to posting, so obligatory apology for making a pointless post. Thanks! This could all be because I’ve forgotten something stupid on my climb that I’ve been consistently doing as of late.

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Have you been practicing step climbing? As with all aircraft in Infinite Flight and in Real Life; the aircraft should gradually climb to its cruising altitude! This process involves pilots flying at lower cruise altitudes to burn off enough fuel to climb to the next highest cruise altitude for their route. There’s a good change that you were too heavy for that altitude right away thus why your aircraft probably overcompensated for it

Read up on Step-Climbing:

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Check these things (as I personally don’t have these problems when I fly any of the A320’s)

  1. Check that you have your weight distributed correctly.
  2. Check your trim and flap settings.
  3. Don’t arm your autopilot until you are 1,000 ft + AGL.

Other than that I can’t offer much help! I hope this helps or you find a solution!

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This issue isn’t when the aircraft is high up, rather around the 5-1000 feet mark of the climb.

So around the time when you first turn the autopilot on?

A little bit after. I usually engage the autopilot around the first couple thousand feet and it works presumably fine there

Can you try to screen record this issue next time that you see it? I’m trying to reproduce this on my end and the autopilot has been smooth sailing for me… You’re saying you’ve only seen this on the A320 aircraft?

I’ll send you my replay from the flight I’m on right now in about an hour.

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If it is possible with IF. With Airbus, you just set something around 32000 ft. Push the ALT KNOB to trigger managed climb. And push the SPD KNOB to set managed speed. It will climb like a charm.
If not, good luck :
N1 86%, 250 kts / 300 kts / M0.78. Adjust V/S to maintain the speed until you reach cruise altitude.

No, managed speed and managed climb aren’t available (yet?).

But you can somewhat do this with active changing of the vertical speed on your own too.

Also I haven’t experienced the described issue by @IanD, eventhough I am flying A320family aircrafts all the time.

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