A320 Auto Throttle on Approach

Since the update 19.3 with the A320, the autopilot can not keep the speed when approaching … the throttle goes up and down.

In the forum was said, that the problem is known and will be solved with the next update.

It is a pitty, it is not solved yet.

When slowing down and adjusting the speed on the autopilot when approaching, the throttle will go up and down causing the aircraft to move up and down with its nose.
Even if you switch to manual, it is not possible to hold the speed.
Because of this, you also canˋt use APR for landing.

It works without problems with the A319 and A321.

Do the developers really know the problem?

Is there a solution?

By the way, Infinite Flight is incredible … I love it.

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Have you tried the true way? Landing and guiding yourself in by manually inputting headings, and hand flying yourself down the glide slope? And do you know your weight? Speed? and Flap setting?

This may be an indication that you are going too slow on approach. Try changing your speed when you are going into the approach when on APPR.


Thanks for your tip.

That was also my first thought and I made approaches at different speeds.

I will again make approaches at different speeds and report …

My settings:
Weight … light
Flaps … Full
Speed before Touchdown … 132

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Then that is the problem. For a light load in the A320, you must be landing at between 140-150kts.

The A32X family tends to be a heavy plane and requires a high speed for landing

Definitely not. The A321 is fine at 140. But 132 is not an issue with the A320.


But then how come everytime I land an A32X plane I have to land at a high speed?

Not using enough flaps? Low angle of attack?
I can think of a number of things :)

Below is in the A320, 50 tonnes… 125kts with room to go even lower.

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I don’t know where you are getting your info from, a320s have relatively low Approach speed.
At 51 tonnes, CONF FULL, sea level, No wind, you have a VAPP of 131kts.
Edit: for an A320-200 with CFM-56 engines

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Many thanks for your help.

I tried many different settings.

The problem is solved … it is definitely the approach speed that has always been too slow.

Now the throttle is not longer going up and down.

When the A320 aircraft is cruising, the AP will make the aircraft nose going up and down.

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