A320 approach solutions ?

Hi guys,
As many of us already know the a320 family is having a problem of pitching up and down on approach.
I wanted to know if there are any solutions for this, for example :

To not use appr mode on any stage of the landing and use the systems to vertically and laterally align with the runway.

First align yourself with the runway laterally and when the glidescope appears use appr mode ( I think this will still cause pitching up and down).

I am really having problems with the a320 so I would really like to know if there is a way to have a safe approach and landing.

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So far my best results are hand flying the A320 from my base leg to the ground, including manual control of the throttles. No APPR or autopilot. You can use throttle to control glide slope, and ailerons for horizontal movement.

I use this method if no approach controller. If there is an approach controller, I use AP until I am establishing on the ILS, and then disengage to hand fly.

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A new tutorial is in the works. There’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s changed so much so it’s not just a matter of tapping the button and expect it to do all the work. Some preparations are needed.

Hold tight and we’ll hopefully have it out in a not too distant future!


Thanks a lot for your help, I will be looking forward to the new tutorial:)

You probably had your altitude set to 0.

No I didn’t :)

I’ve just never used Approach-in bad visibility, I’ll fly an RNAV coupled approach to minimums using In Flight Assistant for LNAV/VNAV-every time I’ve ever tried to use APPR the plane goes crazy.

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