A320 approach issue

I know this has been an issue in the past so please bear with me here. I’m having the same issues with the A320 on approach as others clearly have in the past. I switched airplanes to the A319 then to the A321 and did the same approaches with no issues. The A320 violently pitches up and down trying to follow the glideslope, if you let it go it gets worse and eventually almost stalls. Please don’t spam me with 100 different questions on speeds, weights or any of the such, I’ve got 1200 hours in the real aircraft and know it shouldn’t do that 😂. Just trying to bring the issue up so as to hopefully be fixed in a future update. Thank you all.


Noticed the same, but slightly on the A319 for me too

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yeah i got this a lot i had to manually fly my plane in a lot i try ignore it sometimes it sorts itself out around 1000AGL. still a problem tho i agree

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i got this on the 319,321,320

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I notice this as well a lot of the older airframes do this because there handling is not updated with more modern things in game like the 777. I’ve got 100s of hours in the game and this has been an issue from the moment they added APPR. Playing now Id say that the A320 is the only reworked aircraft that still has the APPR bug.


a318 is fine for me, i keep trim to maintain a 3 degree angle but the plane keeps bobbing up then suddenly stops it’s weird. i just hand fly the a320 family

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Never had the issue you describe with the A320 family. I did use to have the issue of the aircraft rocking up and down on levelled flight while extending the flaps and waiting for the ILS to come alive.


i have over 500 hours i’m used to flying in infinite flight but all aircraft are fine except this specific group

I have even experimented with coming in way outside of the terminal area at approach speed fully configured and it still happens. For some reason for me, only in the A320.

@Skydriver900 Hello!

When you turn on APPR mode and the plane makes a sudden sharp turn away from the runway or a sudden pitch input it’s a sign that you did not intercept the localizer and or glideslope correctly. For the full read on ILS (instrument landing system) landings, use the guide below.

Also this tutorial should help!

It does not turn or does anything that you described right there and I assure you I know how to fly an ILS approach.

I am not aware of any issue. I fly the 320 a lot and what you are experiencing is usually caused by speed being too slow or heavy for your configuration. Sometimes being straight in on runway heading when applying APPR may cause this too. It is usually APPR trying to capture and then the AP is adjusting the speed and overcorrecting.

As I’ve stated above, I’ve come in at normal approach stayed fully configured then intercepted and still. Maybe it’s just my device then.

@Skydriver900 Going off of what Chris said, speed and weight are vital to provide in this case considering you believe you are intercepting properly.Also I don’t have any troubles as well intercepting in either the a319,a320, nor the a321.

Thank you for your suggestions on how to properly fly an ILS approach in the Airbus. I will just keep on it. Clearly I’m not the only one that had these issues.

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Could you perhaps share a replay where this situation happened. It would greatly help diagnose the problem.

I’m currently in flight, when I land I will see if I can’t send the last replay where it happened.


It seems as though after some testing in other A320 aircraft it’s just the allegiant livery that does it. LOL

Tip: Use the trim to stabilize the aircraft and do a hand land.

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Yeah, I get that. Read the initial Message I wrote. Still should not do what it is doing.

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