A320 APPR problem

I need some help with this. Every time I try to use de ILS landing wit AP and the APPR setting, my 320 it’s started to make some weird and crazy things.

The plane is not able to mantain a a good V/S and either to make a good final approach.

Please if someone can help me, I would appreciate it a lot!!
My airplane load is great, always good fuel remaining (30-50 minutos) and not to much cargo weight.
The A320 is the plane I always fly, so I really want to know how to use it right 😔

Hello @David_Mogollon, linked below are some great tutorials to help with the issues you seem to be experiencing. Feel free to ask any other questions you may have.


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Mate!!! Thank you si much!! Tomorrow in the morning I will see it with time. Now it’s 1 am and u will get some sleep.

One more time, thank you!!!

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Mate I could resist. I saw it and I think will be very important. Tomorrow I will try some thinks I didn’t use before.

Thank you zach!!

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Not a problem. If you still need assistance. PM and I’ll do an approach with you. Cheers!

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I feel like it’s not just because it’s A320. It do all of them. Just have to do right before you turn on :(

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I found that the A320 started to pitch up and down with approach mode if I used SPD control… So I now control throttle manually throughout all landings and it works perfectly.

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You have to tune to the ILS 27 or more nm of your destination or otherwise you are unable to perform an ILS landing?

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No, not necessarily. You can set it via the airport page at a later point as well, and it will still work.
If you have any further questions I can only recommend the video above and otherwise please feel free to ask!
Also a very warm welcome to the Community, we are happy to have you! If you want to get familiar with the community, please check out the post below:

No, you can tune to a Nav radio anytime before you need it.

I find good practices are to manually fly the intercept (disconnect HDG and LNAV), carefully line up with the bar centred before engaging approach mode… And always intercept below the glideslope or else the vertical descent aspect won’t work. ALT and VS need to be still engaged in order to switch to approach mode, so if using VNAV you can keep that going.

As a guide use 3000ft at the end of the cone, and 2000ft closer in (these are AGL numbers).

Yes the auto throttle appears to chase itself as does the pitch axis. I also disengage the AT if using the APPR mode to avoid this. Of course wind gusts have a huge impact on stability .

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Yeah, it could also be that the primary / secondary flight control effects are different on an ILS… Normally power controls vertical speed and pitch controls airspeed…when locked on an ILS this is reversed.

The aeroplane gets a bit annoyed by this!

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