A320 APPR causes plane to crash

I was on approach to Zurich ILS RWY14, i engaged APPR on final but my plane started nosing up even though I was slightly above the glideslope, I disengaged it and engaged it again and it caused the nose of the plane to shoot straight up, the plane stalled and I lost control? I have no idea how this happened since it always worked before.


What was your VS when you engaged APPR?

It was a bug probably!
The APPR button of the FCU is supposed to intercept the localizer at first (LOC is GREEN in PFD), then it smoothly goes through the glide slope (G/S is GREEN in PFD) without bouncing or something.

I have been suffering a lot lately from APPR mode which reduces my motivation to fly in IF… I can’t even use my joystick because of continuous disconbection on final from LiveFlight Connect app…

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Well, APPR is kinda hard to use without knowing how it works…

I tune into the localizer but instead of using the APPR, i go visual… I just use it to know If I am aligned

Same problem with approach and joystick and:
• AP literally INCAPABLE of holding a steady flight level without pitching up/down with rates ranging from 100 to 700 fpm;
• flight control freezing around V1 or on short final

(And yes I do know how to use APPR, with 4,000FH I’ve had the opportunity to try myself at it a few times)

So many deep details in plane reworks have limited value in the game.

But if on top of that we get an increased number of issues while not having reliable tools to use a joystick on a flight simulator (I use the Thrustmaster Airbus TCA and the Hoyas X; it really starts questioning the sustainability of the fun flying there.


Hello @PlaneguyXP,

What was your speed, trim, flaps setting, and altitude when this happened?

Disengaing APPR will disconnect VS completely…
Just use VNAV instead if u can.

You’re absolutely right… I have been using IF for a long time but unfortunately lately i have started to suffer a lot from APPR mode… Tried everything without any benefit… Moreover; a joystick problem has emerged to increase my pain… Particularly with the new B772, the stick stops responding to commands and ended up crashing or ruins my flight… Istarted to loose my interest in IF… After been flying with a joystick for a long time; it won’t be easy to get back to an old flying method… I use Logitech Extreme 3D Pro which is a fair joystick but unfortunately connection issues have emerged a lot now with no promise of getting a solution…

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Probably just an bug. Otherwise it could be an error with your Vertical Speed setting

Agreed. It is probably just a bug. Make sure you have your vertical speed set reasonably so that when you engage APPR, the V/S that you entered doesn’t send you into a nose dive.

In order to activate APPR. You must be at 3,000 feet and at 200 knots or below.

Y’all here assuming “it’s a bug” when the OP hasn’t even responded. Chillax.

@MJP_27, it’s also 200, not 180.

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Not sure why people constantly want to balance the fault on the pilots’ side…

VS, Speed, APPR activation.
Does it occur to some that sometimes (relatively rarely I agree), pilots may actually be flying the proper way?

In that case, yes it would be a bug.
But when we talk about a software, “just” can’t be the right adjective since a bug is pretty much the only and worse thing that can go wrong with a software product.

If it isn’t a bug per say and the matter relates to IF physics that require improvement, then IF has to be held accountable for it and target some work - which I have no doubt they will do.
Point being, by not acknowledging an issue with the game and always assuming the pilot is to blame, the game itself will never improve beside relatively pointless gear extension or galleys graphic details.

It isn’t an offense to say IF has flaws.
On the contrary, it would help them to confirm major issues.

Hence our agreement: there have been an increase amount of significantly bothersome issues with the last couple upgrades, let aside the fact that the game itself yet doesn’t integrate joystick capabilities.


Well, saying “it’s a bug” doesn’t do much, does it? It’s like putting the blame on someone without any evidence. What’s going on? What’s the issue here? What’s the bug?

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There are way too many variables to give an educated answer without a video showing what was selected and when.

Everyone is claiming a bug before seeing evidence. Let’s wait and see.

It could have been enabled too soon, going too fast, plane not configured, etc.

I’m not saying something may be off but we need to be methodical when identifying a bug.


Yes that is a correct statement.
I used that term because it’s how people described it. But the term event or issue would definitely be more appropriate and subjective.

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Totally agree with that @Chris_S.
Everyone means well and if there are improvements to be brought on either or both sides they need to be precisely precisely identified so proper correction measures can be established.

I’ve myself already brought a few videos relating to control freeze to moderators and will bring more in regards to A/P altitude issues, APPR and the invisible holes on the taxiway.
Although for some reason that last one makes me crack up any times it happens to me or others so I end up liking it somehow 😂

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Yes £4£-@(!

Speed was 140 knot, altitude was, I dont know, maybe 2000 feet above ground and flaps 3