A320 And CRJ Family Lag

Since the recent update which added I have found that, especially on the runway, there has been a lot of lag and buffering in the cockpit view. Has anyone else experienced this? Is their a way to fix it?
Thanks in advance!
Device : IPad (2017)
Software: iOS 11.4
Graphics on high.


Do you mean if u zoom out, in the windows black blinks pop up?

You already got your answer in the announcement thread, correct? :)


Sort of, after the topic was created. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced of found a way to fix it.

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Restart device and clear ram before flying.
You could always lower your settings.


I haven’t experienced anything myself yet as i don’t fly those aircraft that often and haven’t got the chance to fly the A320 family after the recent update but as time goes, they should be better optimized in the future for minimum lag :)

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I tried the first two and it didn’t help. I didn’t really want to lower graphics but I guess I have to. Thank you.

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What cache should he clear?
Please only give advice if you know what you are talking about, thanks :)


I think this can probably be closed now. Thanks everyone for your answers, hopefully there is an optimisation update in the works because I used to love flying planes like the 320s lag free on high graphics.

@77W - are you experiencing this only on the A320’s? Or is it for the CRJ’s too?

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It’s the CRJs as well. Everything else is fine. I flew the 777 and it was normal it’s just the 320s and CRJs.

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Thanks! :)
We’ll look into it.


I play on the Highest Graphics and it’s smooth for me. I think it might be your device so lower some settings and see if it improves.

What device do you use?

Thank you! It’s amazing how great customer service is with infinite Flight!

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I can not believe this is because my device is a Moto G4 Play, and I simulate everything in the medium, and my IF presents the same problems presented above with the A320 Family and the CRJ.

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It cant possibly be the device. the same thing happens to me on a Note 8 and that is one of the most powerful devices out there. The cockpits of both of those two are the two highest details in IF along with the C-130 and MD-11s yet there is no problem with the cockpit for the MD-11 or C-130 models. Really what this is is the frame rate drops from 60fps to around 30fps when you move the camera around inside the cockpit with cockpit views but any other view is fine.

Same problems with guys above. And i use the S8. Dissappointed that i cant fly the CRJ smoothly

I can confirm this aswell. It bugs me alot

How to reproduce :

  1. Use cockpit camera
  2. Swipe it down

Then you’ll feel the lag everytime you change the view to cockpit camera

Device details

Device : Xiaomi Mi A1
Android Version : 8.0.0
IF Version : 18.03.0


Yes me too I have Ipad 2013