A320 and A220 Fading Paint

I have a quick question… why does the color on the A220 almost look dull? The colors aren’t as bright as usual, this happens on the A319/320/321 and the A220.

Notice how the black paint on the engines and tail look almost faded… Can anyone explain this? Im sure it’s probably normal but I feel like it hasn’t happened before.

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I think this is got to do with the reflection of clouds, put your clouds to clear and see if it ‘feels okay’

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^Yes, that. If you look at the windows on terminal buildings you’ll also notice they’re a bit gray when it’s cloudy


See Cameron’s response:

The color is right when painting, but goes wrong when rendered in game. Not much can be done now. Indeed turn off all clouds will improve this a bit.

I think it’s to do with the clouds ☁️ that’s why I never have the clouds on. Not a fan of the effect it has in the aircraft very fade. And in sunset and sunrise it’s horrible. The aircraft looks literally chrome 😳

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