A320 / A321 / A321neo

Can we update the current fleet? Having cockpit doors that open, cargo doors that open, and embarkation/debarkation doors that opens.

Also, can we add the A321neo. Would it consist of an entirely new build or the framework already within the app can be utilized? What is it to add in a few more features/details?


Airbus A320neo Family You can vote for the Neo family here!

Please visit these topics below.

My guess is that this is not high in priority as the Airbus A320 family already has a live cockpit unlike many other legacy aircraft in an IF. There’s are a small amount of voters for it on the feature requests mentioned above. The goal is to have all aircraft in Infinite Flight reworked some day, sure enough an A320 rework will come along with the addition of an A321neo.

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