A320-200 Route Database

The A320 is one of my favourite aircraft, and usually I don’t see much users Flying it. These will be listed alphabetically. This is my first Database, so you can edit this if I made a error.
> Aegean Airlines
ATH-TBS : 2 hours and 45 min
ATH-EVN : 2 hours and 35 min
ATH-VIE : 2 hours and 20 min
ATH-ADB : 0 hours and 53 min
ATH-BEY : 3 hours and 35 min
> Aer Lingus {Note that I wont include 2019 because these are two separate liveries, but the same airline}
SNN-EDI : 1 hour and 35 min
BHD-LHR : 1 hour and 20 minutes
DUB-GLA : 1 hour and 5 min
DUB-LBA : 0 hours and 55 min
DUB- FCO : 2 hours and 55 min
ORK-FAO : 2 hours and 35 mins
VKO-LED : 1 hr and 25 minutes

                     SVO-KGD : 1 hr and 30 min
                LED-KGD :  1 hour and 35 min
             KZN-LED : 3 hours and 0 min
         UFA-SVO  : 2 hours and 20 min
  SVX-LED : 3 hours and 5 minutes
        Note: im back, i remembered about this until  someone mentioned it.
                          > Air Asia

I’m confused , you meant that Aegean one and AerLingus one aren’t that flown ? Or all the A320 on IF ?
According to https://fpltoif.com/stats the A320 is even more flown that the reworked B77F ^^ , although I did 5 easyJet flights with the A319 and not the A320, as I won’t use the easyJet A320 as the livery isn’t the good one, I still could notice many people using the A320 around the sky / airports tho !

However, I hope that more and more people will use it , as it’s perfect to t/o , fly and land with it !!

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There is one currently being made.

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By a regular ? Can you send me the link when able please ? ^^

Not by a TL3. And sure, when @BritishAirways001 finishes it.

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I meant that the a320 itself isn’t that flown

I checked and It hasn’t been made yet, if there is, i’ll ask for this to be closed

What is the point of making the A320 route database if there is one now :/

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The one now has only 2 airlines… I guess you did more lol


Idk if I will make the topic because mods might close it and say that there is already a topic


Lacks structure and organization. Very limited routes provided on initial post.