A320-200 Azul Airlines PR-AJE

Hello IFC, I come today to request an Airbus livery that arrived in Azul a short time ago, is an Ex Avianca aircraft, which had the same prefix

It is also the second A320-200 that blue has in its fleet, the painting is a little simpler than the different ones we have in the NEO models, but unlike another request we have here at IFC (PR-AJB) this one has the (U ) in dark blue color, and all his white belly, and lastly has sharklets

Maybe this livery could come with the PR-AJB, and it would just take some things out of the fuselage.

I count on your vote and support

I don’t know if I’m right, but it seems to me that this livery was created specifically for the A320s that Azul acquired from the bankrupt Avianca Brazil. It would be great to fly with her.


Apparently yes, because there is an A330 that also came from avianca which is all white like that

I would really like PR-AJE to come along with PR-AJB which has 60 votes and was confirmed it would be great to have both

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The tail looks like it was made on Minecraft, but I like it


Maybe hahaha