A320 1+F Flaps Question

Hey IFC! I was wondering if flaps 1 and 1+F are models on the A320 family on the approach phase during flight. Thanks!

Hello the airbus a320 family have flaps 1,2,3and F. I unfortunately do not remember the correct flaps to use during landing.

In real life, 1+F isn’t something you can select in flight. Same goes with the A350. You’d just go from 1 to 2.

Full flaps

They use 1+F for departure, and 1 for landing irl. I know it’s automatic, hence why there is just flaps 1 in the real world cockpit. I was wondering if it was simulated in the game however.

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Anyone know the answer?

Maybe this is correct :


Actually, this probably is the real answer :

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